DueAlberi: Colorful Holidays - Colourful Celebrations

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Hello, dear friends, we have made today a lovely selection of colorful holiday on New Year's Eve 2013 accessories and other beautiful items to cheer up our day. We Hope that you will like them. You may also like our previous blog called Christmas in Gold . Have a great New Year's Eve and stay tuned next year!

Hello, dear friends, today we have made ​​a selection of accessories holidays for New Year 2013 and other beautiful and colorful to brighten our day. We hope you enjoy them. You can also see our previous blog where we talk about accessories and decorations in gold . We wish you a happy 2013! If you like our style, join us again next year.

Duealberi New Year 2013 Bubbles watercolor & Acrylic

By the way, does this holiday mood board Also fit in with our latest experiment with watercolor and acrylic bubble?
By the way, this mood board is well suited for our latest experiments in watercolor and acrylic paintings, what do you think?

Source: duealberi.blogspot.com

KD Gifts KDG International Omada Trendy Acrylic Food Storage Containers, 16-Ounce, Black
Kitchen (KD Gifts)
  • Length 4.5-Inch Width 4.5-Inch Height 3.7-Inch
  • Capacity: 16-Ounce
  • Combines beautiful color and design with excellent Italian quality and durability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: SAN Acrylic

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Plastic Airtight Food Storage Container from Dinodirect.com
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How to Store Food in Plastic Containers
School Specialty Cubby Ware Clear Paint Storage Containers, 1 Ounce (Pack of 100)
BISS (School Specialty)
  • Sold as a Pack of 100
  • Durable plastic containers with snap-on lids
  • Lids close securely to preserve paint and prevent spilling
  • Lets you mix and store paint colors
  • Perfect for small items like beads, glitter and more
An Illustrated History of Tupperware Organisation Skills
An Illustrated History of Tupperware Organisation Skills
Libbey Libbey 6-1/2-Ounce Small Bowls with Plastic Lids, 16-Piece Set
Kitchen (Libbey)
  • Set of eight 6.5-ounce glass bowls with eight plastic lids; measure 2 1/4-inches tall by 3 1/2-inches in diameter each
  • Excellent for condiments, sauces or as prep bowls in the kitchen
  • Great for portion control
  • Glass is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe
OXO OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set, White
Kitchen (OXO)
  • 5-piece storage container set with modular stacking system and push-button airtight seals
  • Square and rectangular shapes maximize space-efficiency
  • Pop-up buttons serve as handles to lift off lids; lids come apart for thorough cleaning
  • Also great for use in the home office, sewing room, play room and more
  • Made of BPA-free plastic; hand washing recommended; not recommended for dishwasher or microwave
Oil Slick Slickballs Non-stick Concentrate Container By Oil Slick
Single Detail Page Misc (Oil Slick)
  • Perfect for storing the stickiest extracts, a simple squeeze and release is all you need to snap the container away from the concentrate within.
  • The flexible material makes dabbing crumbly budders and water extracts easy. Since nothing will stick to the container, dry or stable extracts adhere to your dabber...
  • The SlickBalls hold a maximum of 14 grams of extract, but work best when there is some room left in the lower chamber, around 8-9 grams is ideal.
  • SlickBalls come with a non-stick silicone band to keep it sealed in rough conditions. For travel, the SlickBalls come with an acrylic case, that is airtight, shatter-proof...

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