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Interroll - FIFO Pallet Flow

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

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Rapid rotation of rollers

Maximum utilization of space and low energy consumption are the most important success factors in the management of a warehouse. The importance of this principle emerges most clearly in the case of goods called "rapid rotation" and highly perishable, which are characterized by the high frequency of handling. We include food, beverages and household items, which must be provided with the utmost speed to the final consumer. How then can optimize the flow of materials in the warehouse? Reputable companies around the world Interroll link systems for the storage of flow of pallets, containers and cases, since they play a central role in the successful management of the warehouse.

"With the new system, we can use much better than the existing distribution center and respond more quickly to market needs, " says Matthias Schmitt, Director of Procter & Gamble distribution center in southern Germany. To save space and energy, P & G has replaced its drive-in racking with 19, 500 pallet positions on rails gravity. Now the pallet move with safety in the system FIFO (first in - first out), passing from the storage side toward the side of levy due to a gradient of 4%.

"We are very impressed - both the storage and shipment of our products are greatly improved owing to Interroll. The FIFO principle is very important for food retailers, who must first of all to control stocks in the warehouse. Equally fundamental is a compact design that saves energy, with a single path for the storage and removal from storage, "says EUROSPIN, a discount of Italian food.


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Food storage question

Looking for Superseal® food storage containers. searched the 'net high and low for their website to no avail.... all that comes up are amazon, overstock etc....... where i can buy them in the brick and mortar world? are they still manufacured? the ones i own were purchased years ago and are getting old and tired.

Snapware comes in BPA free plastic or glass.

I store my fruits and veggies in "green bags"--I have Debbie Meyers' brand but there are generics that are cheaper (they really work.)
You can buy Snapware at Costco, and the Green bags at your local hardware store.

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