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August 29, 2013 – 02:39

取樣Unlike coffee beans although rancid food may corrupt,but still has the best tasting deadline.

Period in tasting coffee can often save the most fascinating part of the delicious,so that the money you spend on coffee beans to be fully utilized.
Therefore,properly preserved beans can avoid spending lots of money do not get good coffee helpless.

Following on personal knowledge,cited several causes destruction of delicious coffee,improvement principles and methods:

Principles: avoid air (oxygen) come into contact with coffee beans.
Methods: The use of sealed cans.The market can be seen in a variety of sealed cans,and some even air can be removed from the tank,according to their preferences or financial capability to purchase,if you feel that the current use sealed cans sealed ineffective,different sizes can be used simultaneously The sealed cans or sealed bags multi-layer package to improve.印刻01

Italy famous bean provider-illy,slander marked as "nitrogen-filled" package,mainly to avoid coffee inert gases in contact with air,and the slow decay of natural coffee. In addition,one-way exhaust valve bags is also a good tool for many domestic and foreign roasters are used for packaging,"one-way exhaust valve" feature is to allow the gas inside the bag (coffee spit CO) discharge bags Outside,the air can not enter inside the bag,this packaging can effectively block the oxidation problem,but one-way exhaust valve bags there are other features,follow instructions.

Principles: do not let coffee exposed to high temperatures in order to avoid excessive loss of aroma.
Methods: coffee beans stored in the daylight sun than in the shade.Some people will coffee beans stored in the refrigerator,it is not the best way to improve volatilization,follow instructions.Plurk this!

Principle: do not come into contact with water or moisture coffee.
Methods: coffee beans stored in a dry cool place,such as a well-ventilated corner bookcase.

[Light pollution]
Principles: do not let coffee by the light.
Methods: Using an opaque container storage,colored containers or your own DIY packaged outside the container.

Principles: do not let the heavy smell of coffee exposure environment.
Methods: Using carefully selected containers and storage places.

[Natural decay (oil)]
Principles: reduce coffee storage time.
Methods: The ability to recognize their consumption of coffee,once only buy two weeks of usage,to avoid petty time to buy a lot.

[When the ice refrigerator?】
Most people would think that the refrigerator is a better storage environment,it is not true!Fridge fish,fruits and vegetables ... and other foods,can be said to smell very poor environmental conditions,although low temperatures can slow the natural decline of coffee,but as long as one out of the fridge,the temperature difference between the surface there will be condensation coffee contrary,it is not good action.

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Rubbermaid Rubbermaid 12-Piece New Premier Food Storage Container Set
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Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter
Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter

Disposable foil baking pans.

Come in a variety of sizes and can be cleaned and reused so they last quite a while.
Hate styrofoam but those styrofoam take-out containers (kind where lid folds over and snaps into the bottom) are also a great size for carriers. Costco carries the kind where the bottom part is not divided so each container makes two boxes when cut in half. Can be cleaned and reused also.
Might also want to look at the disposable type food storage containers (like Glad makes) to see if a size is appropriate. Those would be reusable as well.

Costco is good for certain items.

When we had the 4 kids at home it was about the only place for us to shop. Now that it's just the two of us we still go about once a month to get whichever item we've run through.
Paper goods (if you don't want wood chips in it) are a good price/quality value. Dog food, rice, cereal, bread, milk and orange juice, and cheeses are usually better priced than the chain supermarkets. Canned goods are generally comparable. Bulk fruits and veggies are fine cost wise but usually a bit much for just the two of us to eat before spoilage.
Suggestions for cereals and chips

Government of Canada Invests in Technology to Reduce Waste in Grain Bins  — SYS-CON Media
Preliminary results indicate that the technique is capable of detecting insect infestations and spoilage conditions that cause storage losses of up to 10 per cent in North America and up to 50 per cent in developing countries. "We are extremely proud ..

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  • Locking plastic lids with air- and water-tight silicone seals; snap-down side buckles
  • Safe for use in the microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher (top rack recommended)
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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