Bisphenol A: avoid during pregnancy

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Banned since 1 January for food containers of food for children under 3 years, bisphenol A will be for all food containers from 1 January 2015. In a report published today, the handles highlights risk situations for the unborn child associated with exposure to BPA during pregnancy.

Bisphenol A, what is it?

anses Bisphenol A is a chemical compound made artificially, found especially in some food packaging and some receipts. It is indeed used for the manufacture of special plastic (polycarbonate) for the manufacture of recyclable bottles, crockery, storage containers ... and resins (epoxy resins) as a lining for cans and the cans. Therefore, one can currently find as a contaminant of food. It is also used for other purposes, for example to make some paper receipts.

Final Report of the handles: risks for unborn child

The handles, the national agency for food safety, environmental and labor made ​​this Tuesday, April 9 its final report on the assessment of health risks associated with BPA. This report highlights risk situations (with a level of confidence but moderate) to the unborn child associated with exposure to BPA during pregnancy.

Food is the main source of exposure to bisphenol A, half from products packed in tin, and about 20% of certain foods of animal origin (meat, offal meats and seafood). In its conclusions, the handles recommends reducing dietary manipulation and thermal papers.

The handles also makes recommendations regarding the acquisition of new knowledge to better characterize exposure, alternatives to BPA and other bisphenols, and methodological issues. On alternatives to BPA, there was found no ideal substitute and handles recommends some caution, with the establishment of toxicity studies before use.

Regulatory changes: a total ban on the 1st January 2015

June 2010: the ban on bisphenol A in the manufacture of bottles was passed in France
March 2011: the ban is extended to the whole of Europe
September 2011: the handles recommends reducing exposure of the most sensitive populations (infants, pregnant or lactating women). The Agency has concluded that there is "found" animal effects (on reproduction, mammary gland, metabolism, brain and behavior), and effects "suspect" in the rights (reproduction, metabolism, cardiovascular diseases).
- 24 December 2012: A law prohibits BPA for all foods intended for infants and young children from January 1, 2013 packs. The ban was extended to all food containers on 1 January 2015. More specifically, the law provides "the suspension of the manufacture, import, export and placing on the market of any packaging for food purposes containing bisphenol A "

Bisphenol A listed on the label?

A decree is being prepared pursuant to the Act of 24 December 2012 for mandatory labeling of food containers made ​​from bisphenol A. The decree, led by the DGCCRF should thus mandating "Made from bisphenol A. It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, pregnant or lactating women. "

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has launched a comprehensive reassessment of the risks related to exposure to bisphenol A, including on exposure and low-dose effects of bisphenol A.


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