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Plastic Storage Food Containers | Food Storage

Pet food storage methods Proposal

Dry food storage

Doing Must not Please unopened dry dog food eaten within six weeks.

"Use" (or "best use" and so on) the date, only applies to sealed bags.

After six weeks, the nutritional value of dog food greatly lower than the first Kaifeng.

(If you're like me often have to find out in front of even the collar does not fall) in order to help your memory, please pick up a bag of dog food marker to write on the opening date, and discard any remaining feed after six weeks . (Note. Well I personally feel that I am not so exaggerated, or let the dog eat next time you buy a little like packet. Otherwise they will take to feed wave after wave thank you!!)

Never buy any artificial preservatives dog food.

Can feed with artificial preservatives have a longer than normal to save the date, however, the addition of harmful chemicals feed risk is far greater than any other benefits.

Keep in Kaifeng feed its original packaging. preserve.

A) the contents of the feed package helps prevent oxidation and affected by moisture.

Some companies will use better packaging, including petroleum products made from oxygen barrier bags. The packaging for the isolation of oxygen and water is very effective.

After feeding, as much as possible out of the air more than the re-sealing, or the opening is very tight and then fold up folder

Do not pour directly to the feed storage bucket.

This is a very common but dangerous practice of storing feed!

A) the number of residual feed fats and oils, will be attached to the feed storage tank bottom and sides, rancid and pollution to buy a new feed.

2) PET plastic food containers of hazardous chemicals often can penetrate down dog.

3) repeatedly increases directly with storage tank breeding some storage mites, mold growth, as well as the risk of bacterial contamination, may cause food poisoning, vomiting and / or diarrhea poor.

Recommended *** ***

Airtight pet food storage containers

Here are some good choices: Glass and metals are very effective insulation material oxygen and humidity.
Also more beautiful!

Store in a cool, dry place, such as the kitchen cupboards.

Ideally, the dry dog ​​food should be stored at temperatures below 70 ° f, humidity less than 15%.

Avoid storing large local variations in temperature, which causes the feed absorb too much moisture!

Kaifeng Do not store dry dog food in a warm, humid place, or the sun

Heat and moisture promote mold growth, leading to feed the fat rancid.

If the dog food packaging in contact with water - for example, in a wet basement kitchen floor or leaks - please give it up, do not nostalgia! let it go!!

The dog food stored in the refrigerator, be careful.

Refrigerator will increase the rations of water, such as to be stored in the refrigerator, please use the kitchen dedicated vacuum bags, to prevent contact with moisture feed.

If you do not vacuum packing machines, small portions can be stored in a small zipper bag or airtight food container, place only a few days is sufficient to maintain the weight of your dog better.

Do not feed any exterior looks have faded or smells strange taste feed.

Go back to the boss or buy stores and direct and dealer contact and response.

Regular cleaning of all pet food containers.

The old rancid feed can contaminate fresh.

Use a mild detergent and hot water cleaning, make sure to dry completely before you continue.


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Try plastic storage containers for the food.

We live in a very old house, the bugs get in no matter what we do. Even well sealed bags.
We use big moving/storage plastic rubbermaid type bins for the dog,cat and rabbit food.
May offer more of a barrier for the mice.
They may still try to chew through those but at least it will be harder for them than a bag.

Question about food storage in plastic

Is storing food in freezer in plastic bags or plastic containers also toxic?
I know that re-heating in plastics is not a good idea, but is storing bad for us, as well?
If so, what are the alternatives to protect against freezer burn on meat and freeze-crystals on soup?
I am cooking for one, so I inevitably cook more and end up having to freeze food.
Help, anyone? Thank you in advance.

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