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1 History

Canned food processing and storage method, invented in France, tinplate cans were invented in the United Kingdom, the United States gradually developed industrial quantify the production technology, the formation of today's huge canned food business.

The canning of Japan called tank scold, Germany called Steriliserten Buchsen, USA called Can, England called Tin, France called Conserve, Italy called Conserva.

1.1 History of invention

1804, Frenchman Nicolas Appert response Franco-Prussian War French warship to be at a high temperature for a long time the need of maritime transport, invented in jars of food to light cork bottle stopper, boil for 30 to 60 minutes, plugged in the bottle of storage purposes.

The test results, reaching the top of the results, in 1810 the French Emperor Napoleon awards gold twelve thousand francs.

June 1810, Nicolas Appert published long-term preservation of plants and animals law.

1810 Englishman Peter Durand in tinplate cans and food storage method, a British government patent for tinplate cans ancestor.

1821 Boston Englishman William Underwood set up factories in the UK, manufacture bottled, canned fruit output.

1825 Thomas Kensett's "canning method and containers" granted a U.S. patent licenses.

1847 Americans Allen Tailor invention fight cupping.

1874 AK Shriver complete retort design, sterilization operations improved.

1877 Canned bonding mechanical inventions, canning industry gradually mechanized.

1896 Americans Chalres Ams present liquid sealing compound.

1897 Americans Julius Bren Zinger invention sealing glue coating machine.

1.2 Status of Taiwan canning industry

In the 1980s, many Taiwanese are about two hundred canneries, industry mostly located in Changhua County, Taichung County, near the products to fruit and vegetables for the bulk tank, followed by aquaculture, livestock, of which pineapple, mushrooms, asparagus, mandarin , shoots for the bulk tank, exported to Europe, America, Japan and other places, access to foreign exchange every year about 3 to $ 500 million, for a significant contribution to Taiwan's early economic development. In recent years, Taiwan's high raw material prices, wages rising, canned costs relative increase, export markets in developing countries have been gradually replaced.

Export market losing its competitive edge, developing domestic canned for the current efforts. Peanuts, gluten, Huagua sauce stains goods, and leisure snacks such as rice pudding, peanut cans, juice drinks and canned products are still quite capable to meet the needs of people.

How to re-make the canned food industry to flourish, is our goal. Bags of canned food sterilization tinplate cans with many lacking merit, perhaps a "dark horse" has a rising star posture, worthy people concerned.

1.3 Definitions

The food material filled in the container, degassed, sealed and heat sterilization processes such as long-term preservation of the products to be called canned food.

If the food material in fluid form, first by conditioning, heat sterilization, after cooling, in a sterile chamber or between a state filled with inert gas, filling, packaging and finished products are, after sterilization principle is, isolation of microbial contamination, to achieve the save destination, the operating Different processes may also be included in the scope of canned food.


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New food startup looking for commercial kitchen

Hi there,
We're looking for a commercial kitchen in San Francisco. We've seen a very interesting one: FOOD LAB but it seems they closed a few month ago.
We only need a place to assemble ingredients in our boxes and ideally some storage space. We don't need neither to cook nor chop nor manipulate. Just a FDA certificated kitchen where we can receive the products and assemble them in boxes.
Do you know any place similar to food lab or La Cocina (they don't accept more people right now)?

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Thanks Sergio.
Cell: 215 205 0113

Food storage/other side of the kitchen

We keep all our food in the left upper of the hutch, one of the lower cabinets in the hutch, and the bottom 2 drawers (oninons, garlic etc).
We have 2 shelves on the stairs down to the basement right opposite the hutch we use for overstock (like a pantry). the fridge is opposite the stove. A planned peninsula (island like), will be opposite the DW, and will house the microwave, more dish storage, and have a potrack over it.
We found we can keep daily use plates, bowls and cups in drawers (I make them about 8" deep); and make use of a pantry and china cabinet in another room to make up for the lack of uppers (lucky to have original built-ins in the dining room)

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  • 2 foam insulated snack jars; 8 ounces each
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  • Seal-tight lids ideal for secure food storage; stackable design
  • Bowls safe for use in oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher
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Snapware Snapware 1020 64-Ounce Square-Grip Canister
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  • Airtight canisters are designed to keep food fresher far longer than traditional plastic containers
  • Shatterproof Flexiglass provides an oxygen barrier 40 times greater than other plastics to keep moisture and air out
  • Convenient snap lock lids open and close easily, and are fitted with a special silicone seal to ensure airtight storage
  • 64-Ounce capacity
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