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Food goods carefully! Kenton chicken flavor cake sampling "bacteria" excessive - Guangdong Channel

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

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Guangzhou City Council announced yesterday: Guangzhou market, the more popular 14 models snacks sampling failed, and many well-known brands are selling on the "black list" include: Kenton biscuits, fruit king pistachios.

The sampling of 80 batches of biscuits, rolls in Kenton Chicken Flavoured Biscuits (200g / pack, 25 March 2013 production), Hong Kong Union coconut cookies Circle (450g / pack, 11 December 2012 production) and other commodities, there are six batches of product does not meet the standard, substandard projects involving total number of colonies, labels and peroxide value and so on.

"Sensitive stomach if they eat the food exceeded the total number of colonies, likely to cause stomach upset, leading to diarrhea." City Council said the total number of colonies can be used to determine the degree of contamination of food by bacteria, is a measure of the importance of microbial food hygiene one of the indicators, a direct reflection of the product in the production, transportation, storage, distribution and other various aspects of compliance with relevant requirements.

According to reports, exceeded the total number of colonies caused by many reasons, production technology, production environment, personnel hygiene, packaging, containers, goods transportation, etc., if not strictly enforce the relevant regulations, are likely to cause contamination of the product, resulting in excessive bacteria.

Yesterday afternoon, Kerry Washington in response to the message sent to the media, said: "The Consumer Council commissioned by the Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station sugar sampling Kenton chicken pieces, the production date is 20130325, the batch products in the factory have passed quality appraisal, does not rule out because individual packaging sealing leaks, or links in the transport and sale of goods to make the packaging is damaged causing the problem. prudence, the Company has immediately recovered the market in the sale of all of the same batch Product ...... "

Source: gd.people.com.cn

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Time to go to ikea!

If plastic makes you nervous, there are glass containers too...I know that ikea sells tupperware shaped glass containers with air tight-ish lids (there is a plastic seal). I have a few in the bathroom but you can use them for everything.
There is also a type of glassware used in the 50's but it's pricey at vintage stores...unless you can scavenge scratched up varieties. They come in multi colors and have a clear glass lid. I can't remember the name of the glassware...shoot.
As for storage...If buy a stalk of broccoli I'll chop it up into fork sized pieces for the week and place them in plastic ware

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