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August 29, 2013 – 02:39

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Cabinets and drawers sorted with clothes organizers Our wide range of clothes organizers will help you keep in order the cabinets and drawers to find everything quickly: winter socks, ball gowns, etc.. Many of these boxes of clothes, with or without lid, have the exact size to fit the PAX wardrobes but also can pack in other cabinets and comfortable IKEA, or place them on shelves. You'll also find hanging cabinets, all kinds of storage compartments or shoe boxes. And to protect your dust jackets and dresses, try our clothes covers. You can also transform a simple rail on a small shelf with our wall cabinets with compartments for clothes or shoes.

With the organizers do not have enough clothes? Clothes organizers help you to optimize your space and expand your home. With them take advantage of the closet and drawers and keep the items in good condition. But if your collection of clothing and footwear continues to grow, it may make you well with other storage units as racks and hangers, boxes with lid, storage compartments, hanging lockers and shoemakers. It will be very easy to get a set of furniture that combines as many of our storage solutions are in larger series. You can also find many other products for home decoration or supplement combining clothes organizers and other storage.

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Costco, Sams, BB&B, LNT have nice inexpensive

Kitchen stuff.
Costco has a 3 pack of Tremontina (sp?) non stick fry pans for $30.00
Sams has nice pro kitchen aluminum pots for around $10-15.00.
Sams has spatulas, tongs, rubbermaid plastic storage "food boxes' with lids.
Ikea has a bunch of nifty stuff. Heavy bottom stock pots in various sizes, spatulas, spoons, etc.
If you have a restaurant supply near you that is open to the public, then all bets are off... go there.

Happily minding your business in a well-planned home office  — Toronto Star
The classic bentwood kitchen table and chair set, for example — freely found in second-hand stores — is sufficient to create a good work environment, if carefully positioned.

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