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August 29, 2013 – 02:57

ЭКСПЕДИТ для девочекWhat princess does not dream of becoming the mistress of a small kingdom called a private bathroom with all necessary attributes?The answer is clear: everyone!And today,our modifications is dedicated to the transformation of Children.To be precise,space for girls.We present to your attention a wall great and spacious than the use of individual pieces of IKEA furniture collection that combines the functions of the Cabinet and shelves.Наполнение стеллажа ЭКСПЕДИТ

To manufacture,you need:

cut wooden planks,rods for clothes;

adhesive film,doorknobs,hinges.

To begin the rebuilding process,decide to start,you want to get a result.Based on this,build a chain of successive actions and options depend on the size of the basis for the transformation - EXPEDIT shelving .In our case,the wall has to accommodate a maximum of things,so that even made ​​two small locker and the largest frame EXPEDIT collection .To do this,you just have to remove a couple of segments of a horizontal table to rotate the shelves in the closets where you can hang baby clothes.ЭКСПЕДИТ изнутри Store table early doors can be made to our closets.In this case,no matter their appearance,as it will be covered by the adhesive film,selected to design the whole room together.Within each of the lockers rod is placed.

Then cut the board,which is sewn to the back of the rack,and cover the adhesive film.Midline Ekspedita inserts complement series of the same name.The sides of the inserts with gates placed in the middle - with drawers.The bottom two lines are assigned to the Baskets and containers ,which are suitable for the storage of various items.In IKEA catalog and they come in various colors,allowing you to connect with the film on the doors and in conjunction with the design of the room,where it will be our wall.If desired,decorating the surface of the film of the individual.For harmony is identical to tie handles all EXPEDIT insert and cabinet doors.

As a result,little alteration,adding decorations and arrangements with other elements of the catalog IKEA have a spacious and functional rack That rack accommodates a "world" whole child: books,toys,clothes and even shoes. This furniture is a godsend for small spaces.

Шкаф-стеллаж ЭКСПЕДИТ

Source: www.ikea-club.org

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Yes they have a kitchen planner

Download it here
Its really wonderful to use and look up ikeafans.com just in case you need assistance.
Do not opt for the cheesie plastic legs if you are considering tall cabinets but build your own shelves for slide them on to.
I braced my cabinets the bases on wood rails attached to the wall and used the legs on the fronts for ease of level.
You'll love the planner you can change doors and have an overall look before you start of what your kitchen will look like

Happily minding your business in a well-planned home office  — Toronto Star
The classic bentwood kitchen table and chair set, for example — freely found in second-hand stores — is sufficient to create a good work environment, if carefully positioned.

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