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One might think that the laundry room is somehow not a real room ... stand with us as the washing machine, the dryer (on the machine), we have a sink (even with hot water), the whole heating system and thus leading to connections to the house ... So all the technical stuff. So far, we have also neglected this space. There is chaos, there is a storage room. Since the room by the garage here is the first room one enters in the house (and we often come in through the garage), we store there also shoes and jackets. And because it is adjacent to the kitchen, there are also things like jars and Tupperware. And of course because of the sink area and detergent. This is not altogether bad way, but it must necessarily move in a little more order. Therefore, I had already made ​​start thinking about what I could do there to store things properly, and created a mood board . As always - some time has passed and I have looked at occasionally. The wallpaper is gone and I have browsed here and there and incorporate suggestions. The last state of affairs is as follows:

Could you think of the laundry room as "not a real room" - and in our house, the laundry / mud room is in a chaotic state.We use it to store jackets and shoes (as it is the first room you enter through the garage), then there is the washing machine and the dryer, a sink, cleaning utensils and washing detergents, and as it is adjacent to the kitchen, So it is where we keep things like preserving jars and tupperware.I thought about how I can Improve this room and gain some storage space. This was my first attempt a few weeks ago , but I have changed my mind about a few points.This is what I've come up with now:

The main color in the "sink area" is therefore (homeware, fashion color Laguna), the blue clay, and otherwise it is quite plain, with ivory cabinets (Ikea fact Stat), dark countertop and ceramic basin (Ikea Domsjö). I hope I get such nice laundry baskets, because I would no longer buy more in plastic. And a few highlights I would make in yellow: I saw a beautiful yellow-patterned wallpaper that I could make as a background in the cabinets, then a yellow lamp in the style of a "barn light" and a few yellow door handles for kitchen cabinets ( seen in anthropology). Then I will see that I'm installing shelves in the laundry room, to make room for laundry and cleaning supplies and such. The rest of the room should be simple, so you will not be totally blown away by the color in the tiny little room.

The main color in the "laundry corner" of the room is going to be this "blue lagoon" paint (Better Living, Laguna trend color), while I plan to keep the furniture quite plain (white Ikea cabinets fact stat). I hope I can find some wicker laundry baskets instead of the plastic ones I am currently using. Then I want to put some of the yellow wallpaper into the back of the cabinets and add a yellow lamp (lamp barn style) and yellow handles to the cabinets (seen at Anthropologie). I want to add some additional shelves on the wall to gain space for the washing detergents, clothes pegs and all that stuff, and keep the rest of the room plain so thatthere's not too much of this bold color.

Here are a few "before" pictures of the wash area:

To give you an impression of what I start with:

The dryer is on the washing machine because I wanted to have in the room necessarily a sink and we have two doors in the room. Left a door leads into the hallway, turn right into the garage. It's okay to stack the machines we had in the previous apartment that way.


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♡Updated Apartment Tour♡

We used kitchen cabinets from IKEA to create a

"built in" storage area along one wall. We got the 24" high ones. It is tall/wide enough so that it fits 2 side-by-side sterilite bins and a shelf above.
It is terrific because you don't see the mess once you close the doors and the height is great for standing play - trains, dolls, etc...
I also keep a small white laundry bin in the office and in the bathroom for times when I need to do things in those rooms.

The kitchen is off the living room

Theres no door to the kitchen from the hallway. You have to go through her room (the livingroom) to get to the kitchen.
She's out of work and desperate for company. So you can't just go through her room quietly to get to the kitchen, you have to stop and have a 40 minute polite small-talk conversation with her about whatever is on tv at the time, or the weather. Then when you get into the kitchen, there's a cat box right there, cause she has a special-needs cat that has no eyes, so the catbox can't be in the side little storage space that's off the kitchen. SO the kitchen smells like cat shit

Happily minding your business in a well-planned home office  — Toronto Star
The classic bentwood kitchen table and chair set, for example — freely found in second-hand stores — is sufficient to create a good work environment, if carefully positioned.

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