Le Creuset revisits jar beans - New products

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Jar beans Le Creuset sold for $ 100 each. (Photo Le Creuset)Jar beans Le Creuset sold for $ 100 each.(Photo Le Creuset)

François Cattapan

Just in time for the holiday season and the sugar season of spring will follow Le Creuset launches new exclusive product in Quebec: stoneware with beans,inspired by the traditional cast iron bean jar.

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Ceramic stoneware allowing distribution of slow and uniform heat,the pot is ideal for slow and prolonged cooking methods that require dishes such as stews,soups,casseroles or chili.Its design makes a product that resists thermal shock and passes from freezer to oven immediately.François Cattapan It can be used in the oven,microwave,fridge as the freezer.

Manufacturing tools and cooking utensils states that "ceramic Le Creuset are heated repeatedly to temperatures up to 2200 ° F in order to make the enamel of a resistor pair off surface.This also makes them easy to clean (by hand or in the dishwasher) and resistant to odors or flavors.In addition,its classic design easily allows the bean pot to go from oven to table.A view of the Le Creuset store recently opened at Carrefour Laval. (Photo Le Creuset)"

The jar beans is currently available in volcanic orange and cherry,and as of March,2012,fennel,currants or white.It is sold only $ 100 at Quebec,at specialty retailers.

First store in Quebec

A bit like Ikea has become a key address in Boucherville,Le Creuset trying to do the same on a smaller scale with its first store opened in early December in Quebec in Laval.As is also the case in Toronto and Calgary,it will be possible to find under one roof the full range of batteries and kitchen accessories from the French manufacturer.

Beyond the famous enameled cast iron,the brand founded in 1925 has come a long way and now comes in several varieties of products that pass "from the kitchen to the table."Cookware stainless steel with silicone utensils,through mini ceramic pots,the choice is vast and deco accent colors exploded.

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