MEBASA MK0001 kitchenette, mini kitchen 100 cm white with Duokochfeld and refrigerator: Large electrical appliances

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Mini Kitchen
(This product description was created by a dealer.) 100 cm with mini kitchen duo hob of MEBASA

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Technical data of the mini-kitchen:
- Dimensions (H x W x D) 838 x 480 x 565 mm
- Total Dimensions: (H x W x D) 870 x 1000 x 600 mm
- Color: White
- Material: chipboard

Combines sp & uumlle & hob

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drain and overflow fittings & Uumlber.

Specifications Pantry:
- Ma active rolling movement (L x W) 1000 x 600 mm
- 3000 W power supply
- 1 hotplate Ø 155 mm,1000 W,230 V
- 1 hotplate Ø 185 mm,2000 W,230 V
- Ready to plug in
- Silicone Safety wiring
- Integrated control knobs
- Without fitting

Feature: Also called exemplary & uumlhrung with ceramic hob would like to come (see selection box).

Compact & ger & aumlumig

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Minik & uumlche

Specifications & K uumlhlschrank:
- Ma active rolling movement (H x W x D) 838 x 480 x 565 mm
- Total net content: 86 liters
- Energy efficiency class: A +
- Freezer: 2 **
- Consumption: 0.49 kW / h 24 and 153 kW / year
- Eng & aumluschpegel: 40 dB
- Adjustable T & uumlr times and Gem & uumlsefach

appropriate fittings

- Model MYBA60175.
- Dimensions (H x W x D) 40.5 x 31.5 x30 mm
- High pressure valve
- Chrome-plated brass

- Model MYBA351505.
- Dimensions (H x W x D) 51.5 x 31.5 x 44 mm
- High pressure valve
- Chrome-plated brass

The valves k & oumlnnen you purchase with K & uumlche as a set (see selection box above) or on the basis of Ref.individually relate.

Attention: The delivery by carrier is only to curb!

& Uumlber MEBASA:
The MEBASA brand is the house brand of the German company MEBASA Uwe Jung GmbH in Schwalbach (Saar).The company was Formed & uumlndet & uumlber 30 years ago and is still a means of aumlndischer & inhabergef & uumlhrter operation with au & szligerordentlich high competence in the field of bathroom,sanitary & aumlr and K & uumlchen.The products named MEBASA are all manufactured under strict quality & aumltsauflagen.

Complete Kitchenette / mini kitchen 1 m wide Beautiful shiny countertop,stainless steel reversible Incl.Cabinet,sink,drainer,2 hotplates,refrigerator Colour: white Dimensions: width 100 cm,height 88 cm,depth 60 cm 2 hotplates (1 small plate,1 big flash hotplate) a sink with drain,drainer Normal socket suffices wooden parts of the kitchen are not assembled delivered delivery by freight carrier with telephone Avis delivery Germany mainland delivery without decoration (bottles,glasses :-) On request also deliverable with matching wall unit available Specifications: Refrigerator Energy efficiency class A (scale from A (high efficiency,low energy consumption) to G (lower efficiency,high energy consumption) net capacity cooling zone (l): 74 l capacity of the storage compartment (5 ° C) in l Net capacity of the freezing range (l): 14 l Net capacity of freezer in liters Energy consumption: 153 kWh / year (energy consumption in kWh / . year based on standard test results for 24 h The actual energy consumption will depend on the use and location of the device from Star rating of frozen food compartment. 2 Stars (Star rating of frozen food compartment: 1 star = -6 ° C and suitable for short-term storage of frozen food (about 1 week),2 stars = -12 ° C suitable for medium storage of frozen food (about 2 weeks),3 stars = good 4 stars -18 ° C suitable for storage of frozen food,= -18 ° C freezing and long-term storage of frozen food 100% CFC-free HFC TPV,GS,VDE on request against surcharge also available with matching wall unit

Sink Hob Refrigerator Freezer


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Food storage/other side of the kitchen

We keep all our food in the left upper of the hutch, one of the lower cabinets in the hutch, and the bottom 2 drawers (oninons, garlic etc).
We have 2 shelves on the stairs down to the basement right opposite the hutch we use for overstock (like a pantry). the fridge is opposite the stove. A planned peninsula (island like), will be opposite the DW, and will house the microwave, more dish storage, and have a potrack over it.
We found we can keep daily use plates, bowls and cups in drawers (I make them about 8" deep); and make use of a pantry and china cabinet in another room to make up for the lack of uppers (lucky to have original built-ins in the dining room)

Interesting point about the upper cabinets.

I guess they must have a separate pantry -- otherwise where would they store food?
i used to have a kitchen with one cabinet (seriously, one). it was very *open* in there without cabinets, but without anyplace to store food and cookware, it was chaotic.
so we finally put in upper and lower cabinets and i could not be happier! finally a place to put things AWAY!
personally, i would not want only lower cabinets, although i do get your point about the openness. i find it more physically comfortable to get plates and things down from upper cabinets.
all this aside, i absolutely love their kitchen. it is simply beautiful!!!

Real estate: Burbank Crossing area offers high-end features at affordable prices  — Montgomery Advertiser
Dark stained cabinets and black colored appliances blend beautifully, Spencer Hayes said, adding that there are more advantages. “The windows are solar .. “There is a large pantry room near the kitchen and separate laundry room as well.” Page. Previous.

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