How to design a kitchen pantry

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Baskets that slide on rollers can store many productsbrbulky or awkward packaging and provide easy access to Debra K.Melchior - translated by HowStuffWorks Brazil

A kitchen pantry organized successfully follows the same principles as all other areas of your home that need to be organized. All face the same problem: the available space is not enough for the amount of things that need to be saved. The elements of a kitchen pantry need to be arranged according to a system of organization and the size of the space they occupy. For example,when canned goods are stored in any way on a shelf,it's no wonder that can not keep their labels. The pantry needs to be organized so that the end to be created under other sections of space. This will keep all the items in a pantry more visible,accessible and controlled. The items can be stored separately: soups separated from cereal boxes,spices separated from Pasta and so on. Each distinct category can be treated as a separate group. You can try to put the items on the shelves in alphabetical order: all appetizers at one end,finishing with vegetables on the opposite end. Once organized the items,there are many different options on the market for storing them.

© 2006 Publications International,Ltd.Baskets on pulleys that slide can holdmany products or bulkypackaging clumsy and provideeasy access to them
esses tipos de cestos economizam espaço e podem guardar muitos itens. Drawers baskets: these types of baskets save space and can store many items. The bottom of the baskets can be lined cardboard or plywood to have a flat surface. The sliding drawer is useful for bulky products packed in bags or as pasta or fries. Shallow and lower baskets are best for smaller bottles of condiments or spices. : considere a possibilidade de adicionar algumas caixas empilháveis na despensa,mas elas são aconselháveis somente para armazenar aqueles produtos volumosos como batata ou feijão. Stackable: consider adding some stackable boxes in the pantry,but they are recommended only for storing those bulky products such as potatoes or beans. These boxes are a good alternative to use the space of the pantry.Store items on your shelf by category.brA well planned pantry canbrstore much more than food,brincluding pots and pans. Units stacked on the shelf can also open up space in the pantry. If you have enough space in the correct format,the floor of the pantry can also be the perfect spot for a recycling center or to a winery in miniature. : uma variação inovadora é o uso do canto para prateleiras. Shelves and compartments: one innovative variation is the use of corner shelves. As in any closet,the corner is not very useful,but in this case the shelf turns the corner into a spacious and productive place for many items. This will double the usable space on the shelf and make this an area of storage space easier and more functional.
© 2006 Publications International,Ltd.Store items on your shelf by category.A well planned pantry canstore much more than food,including dishes and pans
Pantries,as service areas,always offer a dual purpose in the eternal search for storage space. There are several ways and means to cause this extra function is performed efficiently. Some magazines are practical because they are fair and compact and look great on the wall,inside a cabinet or under a shelf in the pantry. Search a wide variety of magazines that are available and decide if any of them meets your needs. The pantry is also often the place left for silverware,porcelain or glass. The storage space can store these items if you use various types of magazines available. It is also possible to provide a storage area for storing cleaning products. If this is the case,a portable cabinet is an example of quality in efficient and effective use of space. And if you have no pantry? You can create your own pantry buying a model based on the ground or improvising with a case that you already have. Although many items to compete for shelf space,you can accommodate all through sensible planning and a careful accommodation. Maintain a clean pantry is simple when you know which containers seize and extent of storage options available to you. Publications International,Ltd.


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One room at a time. That way it won't be so overwhelming.
I would go to Target and buy a lot of different sized plastic containers. They work great for storage of items and to help organize.
Like in the kitchen, if they have a pantry...after going through and tossing the outdated stuff, organize the shelves. Cans in one area, boxes in another, etc. Use a plastic container to put bags of rice, noddles, etc. in.
I also used wire mesh containers for spices, etc.
The plastic bins will be a lifesaver. You can stack them, buy under bed ones, etc

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