Design Wiesel: Easy IKEA hacks

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

I love IKEA.Especially because you can easily divert most of the furniture pieces.GRUNDTAL daran befestigten. A BEKVÄM trolley was our bathroom shelf,fastened by a toilet paper holder and towel bar GRUNDTAL it.The car had the perfect height and offers plenty of storage space just right.A matching cabinet also not found in the classical sense and so he was improvised from two MOLGER stools.It is. I love IKEA. Especially Because it is so easy to divert some pieces of furniture From Their intended use. A BEKVÄM kitchen cart has become our bathroom storage after attacking hung to it a GRUNDTAL toilet roll holder and towel rail. The cart simply had the perfect height and Provides just enough storage. As we could not find the perfect sink cabinet Either we improvised our own MOLGER with two stools. Works,does not it?

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For our "closet" we have a wall in the bedroom the whole length covered with curtains and behind IKEA IVAR shelving and built RIGGA coat rack.Creates loads of space,makes more space and always looks tidy.Behind rather not.The bookshelves are the cheapest IKEA basement shelves that I could find,white stained.

For our "closet" we hid a wall in our bedroom with IKEA curtains in its full length and put up RIGGA IVAR shelves and clothes racks behind it. There is quite a lot of space behind the curtains plus They make the room look more open and resist. So it makes our room look tidy. No one has to know what is going on behind ... The bookcases are the cheapest IKEA storage shelves I could find,probably Intended for the basement or the pantry. But they look pretty neat,glazed white,do not they?

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Storage Cabinet / Pantry - Oak Finish
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Pantry - in an impossible kitchen!

We have a 1900 Victorian with a kitchen that seems impossible to improve/remodel. It's ugly, has little storage and is hard to work in. Not sure what to do, but "pantry" might be a good idea. Ideas? Suggestions?
- This 12' x 14' kitchen has FIVE doors, TWO 4' x 2' windows, plus a 10x10" bumpout for a gas heater.
- IOW, this kitchen desparately needs storage space, but every wall surface is consumed by something.
The Pantry idea?
- One of those 5 doors goes into the master bathroom, which shares a wall w/ the kitchen.
- That shared wall has a 3' x 3' x 10' cavity (in the bathroom) that probably houses obsolete, unused chimneys once used to vent...

It's too late...

I called my stepfather for help...
He offered to come and help, so what the hell, I'll wait until tomorrow morning...I gave up on this around 16:00...I'm not as motivated when I'm not 100% of how something should be done. He is a retired carpenter, so he should have some better ideas than me. Once the header is raised a bit, it will fit right in.
This kitchen/pantry/mudroom area is a real crap hole, but this is a good start and will keep that end of the place very warm this winter. The exterior wall will get foam paneled later, eventually finished


Okay so I'm in a house that was built around the 1930's.
Our living room and kitchen are separated by a staircase that leads up to the attic/loft. This stairdace was put in around the late 70's or early 80's. In the kitchen the area underneath the stairs was used as a pantry until the previous owner put all his garbage in there and boarded it up. I foound it again.
No I'd like to have this space open and I've knocked the drywall down. I was planning on using it to just pass food through or whatever as alot of the depth will be useless for storage.
Now I have the idea of throwing my TV in there and having more floor space

Cure All the Things: Fast Fixes Lurking in Your Kitchen  — Yahoo! Canada Shine On
But did you know that certain items in your refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and spice rack can treat everyday health concerns such as colds, occasional stomach upset, skin blemishes, and tension headaches? .. And it's not just Eastern health systems.

Six bedrooms, claw-foot tub, central vac: See inside a Midland County high-end ..  — The Saginaw News
.. sits on about 4 acres and features six bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms. Special details include a claw-foot tub in the master bath, Amish-built shelves, a central vac system, and a main-floor laundry and mudroom with slate floors.

Buying Here: North Strabane  — Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Next is the 20-by-15-foot eat-in kitchen with exposed brick wall and a decorative black stove. The flu-less gas stove was installed about seven years ago. The Quaker Maid cabinets are solid cherry and there is a separate pantry for storage.

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