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Healthy food

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Ideas for Kitchen Storage: Pantry Organized Shelves Ideas For

Healthy food

Hygiene in the food sector

November 1993


Hygiene in the food sector is of paramount importance in hospital one hand microorganisms can proliferate in kitchens and reach a dangerous threshold there reigns of optimal growth conditions, it is ie a high relative humidity and high temperature.

On the other hand, by the fact of his illness, the patient is more susceptible to poisoning than other segments of the population, which results in the least prepared according to strict food hygiene can infect or poison, while it would not be the case in a healthy population.

This is why the rules of hygiene must be observed to particularly strict way in kitchens where meals are prepared for care facilities.
These rules also apply in similar institutions such as nursing homes and care homes for the elderly.
During the preparation and distribution of food, it is necessary to observe the provisions of the legislation (see Appendix ). This document is therefore a complement to the legislation, but it seemed useful to deal separately with the basic principles of hygiene in food preparation in health care facilities.


Basically, the power has two components: the preparation and delivery.

Meal preparation begins when the food storage. This phase is followed by the preparation and manufacture of food and ends with a possible storage.

By delivery of meals, transportation, meals prepared from the kitchen to the ward, or finish their possible regeneration means, as well as their distribution to the beneficiary.

Apart from these two components, we must also take into account the dishwasher and waste disposal.

Meals are prepared by central kitchen, that it is or is not located in the facility itself.

Meals are eventually completed, portioned or reclaimed in the local cuisine.

For local cuisine, it means both the kitchen of the health care institution, where meals come from the outside, the one located at the wards.

In a traditional system, the delivery of meals (and distribution) is done immediately after preparation.

In a delayed system, meals will be stored after preparation, during a certain period in a refrigerated before being distributed environment, regeneration can take place both in bulk and in portions or in the central kitchen is in the kitchen local.

Portioning may as well take place in the central kitchen in the local kitchen in the first case, the meals are transported in bulk portions and not to the institution or ward.


The kitchen should be installed so as to form a distinct architectural ensemble.

If the central kitchen is part of the care facility, it must be located so that patients do not experience discomfort, particularly in terms of noise or odors.


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Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions Suggestions?

I have a kitchen pantry type
of storage for the cans, pasta.
About 5ft tall by two feet.
The shelving broke off. Any suggestions
for easy quick solutions for
shelving. Stores?
I thought of those particle
board shoe racks that you assemble,
but the sizing won't work.
I'm not a handyperson with tools so
cutting and installing new shelves
is not a option at this point.

Need additional kitchen storage

I have a perfect spot for a tall vertical cabinet that I could use as a pantry for additional kitchen storage. but instead of buying a cabinet I was thinking of buying a locker like this...I live in a loft that is very industrial looking. whats your opinion?

Food storage/other side of the kitchen

We keep all our food in the left upper of the hutch, one of the lower cabinets in the hutch, and the bottom 2 drawers (oninons, garlic etc).
We have 2 shelves on the stairs down to the basement right opposite the hutch we use for overstock (like a pantry). the fridge is opposite the stove. A planned peninsula (island like), will be opposite the DW, and will house the microwave, more dish storage, and have a potrack over it.
We found we can keep daily use plates, bowls and cups in drawers (I make them about 8" deep); and make use of a pantry and china cabinet in another room to make up for the lack of uppers (lucky to have original built-ins in the dining room)

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