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What type of cabinets I can put in my small kitchen?

August 29, 2013 – 02:38

Filling in that Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Use these tips to maximize your kitchen space cozy.

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Small kitchens with limited space or with sloping ceilings may not fit the traditional cooking of several wall-mounted cabinets and a row of cabinets beneath the counter. However, having a small kitchen does not stop you have optimal storage options. Rather, you have several options to choose one or more that suit your kitchen for optimum storage of your limited space.

Standard Kitchen Cabinets

The smaller kitchens can only provide enough space for you to have two or three standard cabinets on the floor under your desk. The standard kitchen cabinets are commonly 34 1/2 inches (86 cm) high and 24 inches (61 cm) deep. The overall width varies, as some have a single door and others have double doors. If you have a desk with ample space below, install a few basic kitchen cabinets with shelves for storage.

Upper cabinets

The top cabinets are the same size base cabinets, but are mounted on the wall to create more space on the floor. The upper cabinets are common in kitchens and are often hung on a kitchen space. These types of cabinets are 24 inches (61 cm) deep and often provide two or three shelves for storage. One or two of these cabinets can provide shelves for plates, cups, bowls, pots and pans.

Corner Cabinets

If you have very little space under your desk and do not have wall space due to a sloping ceiling, invest in a unit that goes in the corner, along a wall. Corner cabinets do not occupy much space on the wall or floor, as they use the space in the corner. This type of shelving cabinets provide options that may or may not be covered by a door. The most modern corner units can use glass doors to conceal partially the content.

Elongated Cabinets

The small upper cabinets are standard size cabinets mounted on the wall. However, if you do not have much wall space in terms of height, use smaller cabinets that are about 28 inches (71 cm) deep and just 15 inches (38 cm) tall. Instead of laying them on top of the other, creating an elongated cabinets that extend over your counter, which gives the length of your small kitchen storage and presents options.

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Storage cabinets for ceiling???

I'm moving in to a small fixer-upper (516 sq. ft) and want to put in extra storage.
I want to add cabinets up near the ceiling, in two nooks - one above where I'll put my flat screen tv & the second in the nook where my kitchen table will go.
Any idea if they sell this type of thing anywhere pre-made? Or will I have to get custom-built?
Something like this - but of course newer/contemporary - and I'd like to do sliding doors, if possible....

We used kitchen cabinets from IKEA to create a

"built in" storage area along one wall. We got the 24" high ones. It is tall/wide enough so that it fits 2 side-by-side sterilite bins and a shelf above.
It is terrific because you don't see the mess once you close the doors and the height is great for standing play - trains, dolls, etc...
I also keep a small white laundry bin in the office and in the bathroom for times when I need to do things in those rooms.

That's interesting design. Pull-out

Shelves behind a swinging door. My thoughts were of having the door w/handle the front of pull out shelf. Checked out my kitchen cabinets that seem to be designed as matching base and above counter cabinets and upper doors only swing out to edge of base fronts. Base cabinet doors do swing out into room same amount but I think storage down there is mostly intended to get and put back things and closed while in creative cooking mood. Got me thinking about my upper cabinets though and one next to range and hood the first door with most spices opens wrong way for easy access to stuff I'm making on stove

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