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August 29, 2013 – 02:40

Home Styles Breakfast Bar Kitchen Cart w/ Wood Top & Storage Cabinets

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They are no longer strict work area - the pleasure of gastronomy associated to leisure and luxury, raised the kitchen to the category of social area, with new forms, materials, equipment and design concepts Reporting by Giovanny Gerolla

Almost eighty years after Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, the architect and restorer Helena Exit says "receive visitors in the kitchen is outmoded." Exit bet on practicality and idealizes the kitchen as a single corridor, between 1.60 m 1.80 m long, with benches installed in the longitudinal direction of the walls so that in order to accomplish the tasks, just rotate the body. Stove, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher and even washing machines should be installed in these stands. "This corridor can connect, for example, a room to the bathroom, or living room, " says the architect.

Although less severe than the proposed Helena Skirt, trends show neutrality and minimalism of the elements. Stones, woods and light colors of tobacco and green shades make up the design of new kitchens today. According to Joseph Bonetti, the Kitchens, the use of primary colors is very rare, but it happens. Bonetti believes that the pure practicality provides the necessary environment, while highlighting the hygiene and transmits tranquility.

Magnified area

Transparencies and subtle predominance of white extend the kitchen 30 m2 planned by Traldi Bomfim + Architecture. The communication is done with the dinner dishes by-pass opened on the wall that divides the two environments and also by light acidato cabinet glass and metal profiles that acts as a room divider. Colorless glass slides comprise details of closing on the wall-plates and passes under the cabinet, allowing constant incidence of light on the glass tesserae colorless applied on the ground. On the desktop, the furniture is coated with melamine lead gray and equipment are stainless steel. In the area of ​​storage cabinets are white, as well as refrigerator, freezer and microwave.

Credits: Project: Traldi + Bomfim architecture, furniture: Kitchens, project lighting technique: Lumini, floor: vidrotil; granite counter tops: Stones Marina; equipment: Brastemp, Samsung, Arno

Wealth of detail

The wide window riga pine integrates the kitchen designed by Lucia Fernandes and Marcelo da Costa to the dining and entertainment area. Just as the doors and windows, all of the same wood, the bricks of the old house demolished were reused. The heat from these materials contrasts harmoniously with details trend more sophisticated, like checkers black and white floor and stainless steel hood and countertops, or even language features contemporary case of apparent electrical and plumbing pipe.


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You can get a kitchen cabinet (or 2)

And use them for storage, as well as the base for your door.
My sister made her own island this way (but she had an extra piece of counter top). It's great because there are drawers and space to put things.
I have been considering doing this too. I saw some inexpensive ones at IKEA, walmart, and target (look online) Also, people get rid of cabinets all the time. Check CL adds.

Painted over screws on old kitchen cabs help!

Need your help removing some solid wood kitchen wall cabinets - about 50 yrs old.
they are attached as far as i can see by 2 horizontal 2 inch bars inside the back of the cabinet. one at the top, one at the bottom. i can see (barely) 4 painted over screws, 1 at each corner of the cab.
1. i thought of using paint stripper and toothbrush to get to the screws. is there a better way.
2. do you think the 4 screws are all that's holding them up (they are big.. about 5 ft high- 4 ft across and would carry a lot of weight in plates etc. ) and if not what else might be attaching them to the wall (2x4s in wall, 1912 house) and how do i get them off

I know your pain. But do you know the history..

Of your Victorian-style kitchen?
Like Victorian split-bathrooms, many Victorian kitchens were split: sink, cabinets & storage in a tiny room (e.g., 6'x10'), then a larger room for stove and eating (and, maybe, water heater).
We have similar kitchens: 5 doors & 2 windows: NO place to install wall or floor cabinets (desparately needed!). (Our 6'x10' rooms were long-ago converted to 2nd bathrooms or hallways.)
Islands may work, especially if units are ground- OR top-level AND you have easy access from below or above. And, in our case, there are 3'x3'x9' raceways with chimneys that ain't used any more

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