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Cid Gomes hires buffet R $ 3.4 million in Ceará

August 29, 2013 – 02:38

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BRASILIA - In a speech to over charge of the supervisory arrangements in relation to what he calls escalating allegations of misuse of public funds by the governor of Ceará, Cid Gomes (PSB), state Rep. Hector Ferrer (PDT-EC) returned the podium this week to ask for explanations of what he named "binge caviar": a contract published in the Official Gazette of the state detailing hiring a buffet, worth £ 3.4 million, to supply the kitchen of official residence and the governor's office with delicacies that include hundreds of pounds of what is finest in international cuisine.

The notice published on August 1 says the contract - which also provides decoration and supply of crystal goblets, arrangements with orchids, 700 waiters, waitresses and 15 500 chefs - is valid for one year. But the governor, in a statement, said that "the new bidding with buffet Anira Food Services Ltd., effective began on August 1, does not correspond to the period of one year. The term should be additive - until four years - in the same way as in the previous contract, from 2010 to July 2013. " The note says that "the amounts are paid as per the demand and there is a fixed amount / minimum monthly payable and the menu is done according to event or authority to be received."

From 2010 to July 2013, the same buffet received from the government of Ceará £ 3.5 million to secure a good table Cid Gomes, your family and guests.

Hector Ferrer, one state legislator who opposes the Cid Gomes, list all the suspicions that have prowled the governor on the use of public money: to spend $ 81 million to hire bands and mega concerts of stars like Placido Domingo and Ivete Sangalo, the pay $ 67 million freight aircraft to take the mother and family for a walk in the capitals of Europe, the Caribbean and the United States, and to piggyback on private jets and yachts entrepreneurs.

The menu provided in the notice for hiring of services provides up to 495 different dishes, and is presented with a range of recipes prepared with caviar, snails, cod, salmon, Parma ham, funghi, scallops, seafood, exotic breads, croissants bacon from heaven or truffles. Indispensable ingredients in the kitchens of great chefs.

Rep. Hector Ferrer says that the table names that have eaten the Ceará even imagine what it is like champagne rice, risotto with oysters, cod dumplings with poppy seeds served with red wine sauce, escargot firecrackers, firecrackers salmon with caviar, escargot in garlic butter to be served in small tartlets, to the rising sun KG shrimps, caviar canapé, canapés of Parma ham, banana chips with cranberry jelly, cream escargot, lobster crepe, sushi tropical, paella pans and varied wild rice.

- While the interior suffers from a drought inclement, the government palace feasts. Will be spent R $ 287 thousand per month and R $ 9, 566 per day, which would to drill a deep well for daily countrymen suffering hunger and thirst in the wilderness. People are dying, and the governor is serving crackers with salmon caviar, and other foods that do not even know to pronounce the name - spoke Ferrer, the Assembly of Ceará.

In Brasilia, Congressman Xavier Eudes (PT-CE) also protested against "binge caviar." The rostrum of the House, he went back to compare the eating with the penury of the poor in the interior of Ceará due to prolonged drought. The PT considered disrespectful to the state government spend so much money on buying lobster and caviar, while the hinterland are hungry and thirsty.


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