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August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Garage Storage Cabinets Design Inspiration | Building Home And Bar

Many possibilities for this garage-workshop on the wall ranks bike, perforated hand tools panel, the totes ... 100% optimized storage upwards! Ref. Tea set in pine

Cabinets compact and elegant resin for storage garage. Ref. Spacy cabinet

Garage with workshop and laundry. All walls are busy: Tea-set in rustic pine racks, ceiling hook, cabinet with drawers. Ref. T ceiling hook

Cabinets resistant and flexible according to the available two-tone resin. Ref. Spacy cabinet

Garage converted into a workshop with different equipment: furniture on wheels (to make room for the car), boxes, set ... Ref. Bench Joiner 150 cm door and 4 drawers

Metal shelves and resin equip the garage whose bottom is occupied by a workshop. Ref. shelf Maximup resin

Garage style house. Workshop and wine cellar rub where everything is at your fingertips. Ref. kit pegboard and hooks

Highly resistant, this carrier optimizes all the way to the ceiling. Ref. Any garage door Mottez

Storage for 5 cycles with a possibility of adding a shelf on top of the hanger. Ref. 5 suspension bikes Mottez

Bottle rack which is also well up in the garage, workshop in the cellar or basement. Ref. Locker 144 bottles Duhalle steel

Storing the bike height to keep a comfortable passage to the ground. Ref. Hook bike sheath

To quickly find the tools, storage wall is ideal. Ref. Perforated metal panel

Shelf adjust as needed. Ref. Epoxy gray steel shelf 4 shelves Spaceo Hub System


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Garage Storage Cabinets - Part 2
Garage Storage Cabinets - Part 2

Original Youngstown Steel kitchen

We are doing a remodel and are tearing out an original Youngstown steel kitchen in excellent condition complete with a matching diner booth, and stainless steel diamond pattern backsplashes.
I think I'm in Mels Diner every morning when I'm making my coffee.
Is there much demand for this sort of kitchen in the retro market? I saw just one listed on e-bay for $5,000 but there were no takers.
I don't want to throw it away or use the cabinets as garage storage if they have value.

Painted over screws on old kitchen cabs help!

Need your help removing some solid wood kitchen wall cabinets - about 50 yrs old.
they are attached as far as i can see by 2 horizontal 2 inch bars inside the back of the cabinet. one at the top, one at the bottom. i can see (barely) 4 painted over screws, 1 at each corner of the cab.
1. i thought of using paint stripper and toothbrush to get to the screws. is there a better way.
2. do you think the 4 screws are all that's holding them up (they are big.. about 5 ft high- 4 ft across and would carry a lot of weight in plates etc. ) and if not what else might be attaching them to the wall (2x4s in wall, 1912 house) and how do i get them off

This sounds silly

I currently live in a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom house with
formal dining and living room.
One bedroom has been converted to a 4 wall library.
We have a 2 car garage 1/2 is storage 1/2 is parking for the new car.
The kitchen has a gas stove and oven microwave over and coffee maker.
My fantasy domicile?
A 2 bedroom and one bath cabin with a closet calleda kitchen that barely has enough room for 2 to sit and eat breakfast but it has enough room for a fridge, range and microwave and small small cabinets
the fourth room is about 10 x 10 with a picture window

Five-star-impeccable as always  —
A beautifully set starter buffet is at the center; a small private dining area has wines and liquors in the attached wall cabinets. On the left side is another private .. Caesar Salad can be ordered and whipped up from the kitchen.

Farmhouse chic  — Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
“The kitchen is the heart of our home. We like to cook together in the evenings and talk about our day,” the homeowner says.

Build A Playhouse - Step By Step Blueprint + Free Download
Build A Playhouse - Step By Step Blueprint + Free Download
Akro-Mils Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black
Home Improvement (Akro-Mils)
  • Rugged, high-impact polystyrene frame
  • Drawer dividers molded into back of cabinet
  • 12 virtually unbreakable 4-3/8-inch by 2-inch by 5-1/4-inch drawers
  • Also, 32 virtually unbreakable 2-1/8-inch by 1-1/2-inch by 5-1/4-inch drawers
  • Ideal for crafts, beads, hardware, fishing, and more, made in the USA

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