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August 29, 2013 – 02:39

In the field of interior design, kitchen planning, must be aesthetic requirements, but also meet the users' needs, or even create a orderly, moving lines and smooth, and thus enhance the quality of life of quality space. Among them, how disorganized state is always in the kitchen pots and pans, bottles and jars, and electrical appliances can be equipped with proper storage, it is so elegant space becomes a key factor.

Cherry culinary professional designer Chen Meihua living museum, with its many years of experience in the design, kitchen storage for frequently asked questions, propose solutions.

Kitchen storage planning, the need to consider the overall space allocation and beauty, taking into account the practical function.

Question 1. Shelves in the end to use partitions, drawer or drawers?
設計師們最常碰到的問題,是屋主不知該選隔板,還是用拉籃、抽屜? Solution1: designers are most commonly encountered problem is I do not know that homeowners choose partition, or use drawer, the drawer? Chen Meihua designers believe that terms of budgetary considerations, partition is the most affordable housing basis, its capacity than the big basket or drawer, but the drawback is the rear of the cabinet is not easy to pick up objects. Often designers by user habits and budget flexibility match. Drawer Storage Baskets flatness better than when using the noise is small, and some higher price drawer storage, hardware design of its cushioning effect, switch over will not make a noise.

By budgeting and homeowner frequency of use, flexibility with drawer, drawers, Bulkhead storage.

Question 2. Kitchen appliances must be dedicated electrical cabinets?
現代廚房使用的電器愈來愈多元,嵌入式電器也成為廚具設計趨勢。 Solution 2: Modern kitchen with appliances increasingly diverse, embedded appliances has become a kitchen design trends. But by now people use habits, there are still many common kitchen small appliances, such as electric rice cooker, coffee maker, small oven, hot water bottle, food processor, toaster, etc.. To make the kitchen more general sense, electrical cabinets kitchen space for many designers when planning an important issue. Chen Meihua designer said, electrical cabinet storage shall be designed ergonomically, such as ovens, electric cookers, etc. to be placed to facilitate the operation of the height. Power outlet configuration is also required careful planning and some require the use of separate electrical outlet, in order to ensure safe use of electricity. Large appliances need to take into account when planning the beauty and storage, can use level, square block modeling, integration of the whole line will be built-in oven, steam oven, coffee machine included. Independent use of small appliances such as toasters, electric rice cooker, thermos, tambour door cabinets can hide, do not pull the door when the volume can be both beautiful and practical; easy to produce steam cookers, electric cookers available exclusive cabinet storage ; For microwave, small oven and other electrical storage, in addition tambour door cabinet, the door can also choose to slice up storage.


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