No more mess! How to organize your kitchen cabinets

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

You've probably wondered where is that pot not find anywhere else.A lack of organization can make the activities in the kitchen a bit confusing.Organize cabinets and use the open spaces available and can make your kitchen more functional and well decorated.Check out our tips and invest in the welfare of your home.


The basic rule is to divide the closets and store objects into groups.This makes it easy to find the tools and leave the kitchen more organized.

1. Open shelf ingredients

Separate shelf of your closet to save those cans of food and packaging that have been opened and are not magnets.Once open put the groceries in windows tightly closed,and organize.Will make your life easier when you want to see some of them.

2. Food preparation utensils

When there are pots and bowls with lid,separate covers and arrange them in a bigger pot.Separate jars by size,always open to prevent retain food odors.

The plastic utensils used in food preparation can be stored on a shelf above the sink or in a location close to the bench.So,you save time when handling food.Capless plastic objects such as orange juicer,sieve and others should also be in an accessible location,easy to use.

The Cuisines of Steel and Wood 's Itatiaia are modular,and you can choose the one that best matches your style and space,are designed to provide convenience to your daily with shelves well distributed.

3. Appliances that are used on the stove

Baking pans ways to cake,screens,all these vessels should be grouped and can be placed one inside the other by size.

4. Utensils that go to the table

To save space,pack the dishes and putting the larger down decreasing the size until the last.For trays,the ideal is to keep them upright as they take up less space and is easier to catch them.

Stack the dishes by type (shallow,funds,dessert).Respect the space of your closet and put them in the most convenient and sort by frequency of use. Row cups equal,so you will have when you open the cupboard,access to all types,no need to struggle to get a type that is in the background.

Enjoy countertops and backsplash of your kitchen to put your appliances such as coffee maker,mixer and blender.Again,sort by frequency of use.Those who are less may be used inside the cabinet.Well arranged,appliances give an air of modernity and functionality to your kitchen.

5. Organize drawers

In the first drawer tidy by separating your flatware fork,knife,tablespoon,etc..Larger utensils such as knives large skimmer and ladle can be arranged outside of drawers,to occupy less space.There are a few organizers that can be hung on the wall.They are cheap,leave the kitchen organized and well decorated.

In the next drawer,arrange the dish cloths and hand,always neatly pressed and folded.An important tip to maintain hygiene: Never use a dish towel to dry hands. The placemats and towels can be stored in the bottom drawer.

Like the tips? How about leaving your kitchen tidy now?


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My kitchen is a galley so space is at a premium

but I opted for no upper cabinets on one side so I wouldn't feel claustrophobic. The other side is floor to ceiling cabinets and drawers for optimal storage.
All the lower "cabinets" are actually pull out drawers for easier access. Spices on the wall, canned goods in a corner cabinet with a carousel, boxed goods above that in a corner cabinet, and 12 drawers are just for tools and silverware.
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