Price, quality, comparison and testing of Nobilia kitchens

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

by Olaf Günther

Nobilia kitchens cheaper!

Nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH
Forest road 53-57
33415 Verl

The history of Nobilia kitchens began in 1945. John and Willy Stickling that a master carpenter, the other a merchant, founded a OHG and built Nähschränke and small furniture. 1947 came the construction of kitchen buffets.

Since 1967, the name Nobilia appeared in the company name. The sons of Johann took over the company and focused on the production of fitted kitchens.

Nobilia kitchens today are produced on 160, 000 square meters of production space in two works (Verl Verl-Kaunitz and Sürenheide).

The annual turnover was last estimated at € 850 million (You can find more facts and news about Nobilia kitchens ).

Model lines at Nobilia, fronts and features

The product range is very extensive at Nobilia currently with 34 model lines. I can list the kitchen models and some characteristics here therefore only very briefly. In the current model year, the following new kitchens were presented by Nobilia:

  • Flair - magnoliafarbig in matt lacquer. Very striking at Flair is the vertically profiled front.
  • Focus - a high quality fitted kitchen with a modern look. Focus comes in white lacquer, which is polished in several steps to "ultra" high gloss.
  • Cottage - a country kitchen paint color in the sand dull. The frame front with Profile millings records the Nobilia cottage especially.
  • Smart - a model in the middle price range. The special visual note gets smart by the body and worktop oak finish Provence.
  • Vero - modern kitchen technology in a simple design. Vero is only available in white (both carcass and front surface).
  • Chalet - a country house model in classic style. Chalet is only available in light oak tone Virginia.

Since the beginning of August 2012, all Nobilia kitchens are supplied with the "Expert +" system for drawers and drawers. Developed in collaboration with the new fittings manufacturer Hettich drawer system based on the "ArciTech" system from Hettich and is characterized by a comfortable run, very high stability and additional storage space. Expert + is built exclusively in Nobilia kitchens.

The kitchen manufacturer has always put emphasis on the way a high quality of the inner life of his kitchens. In 2003, for example Nobilia was the first provider in the attenuation of a standard drawers and drawers.

Also recent are the following 7 Nobilia kitchens. They were included in the range 2010/11:

  • Aviano - a country kitchen in classic style. Characteristic of Aviano, the frame fronts with optics.
  • Diamond - white high gloss lacquer MDF base. Diamond at the inner sides of the front doors are painted as in color.
  • Duo - chestnut oak reproduction. Duo is equipped with integrated handles.
  • Look - with polymeric film coating. The Nobilia look is produced only in high gloss white.
  • Nova - straightforward and unfussy kitchen designtes model. Nova is available in high gloss white paint, mud and Magnolia.
  • Senso - sturdy suitcase rounded front with polymer coating. Senso is available in 3 bright, matte colors.
  • Vetra - with a glass front (rear painted) on backing plate. Vetra is available in only white high gloss.

Several years and produced almost unchanged are listed below Nobilia kitchens. One you could almost describe as "classics" in the German kitchen landscape:

  • Alba - film coated with frame optics. Alba at the door backs are also in front color.
  • Arte - versatile model that can be planned kitchen. Characteristic of Arte are the discreet front rounding.
  • Castello - the villa Castello model, there are currently only wiped in vanilla color.
  • Elegance - solid frame door with veneered panels. Elegance for the walnut and oak wood species are naturally available.
  • Feel - timeless, designed with lacquered front on MDF support. On Feel can be selected from three paint colors.
  • Formatting - laminate front with polymer edge. Formatting there is black in the combination / beech.
  • Gloss - sided melamine resin coating having a front peripheral edge of the polymer. Gloss can be delivered in an elegant high-gloss white or magnolia.
  • Grado - fitted kitchen with solid door thickness of 2.2 cm. When the front Nobilia Grado designs beech or ash available.
  • Highlight - fancy design through the combination paint / wood. The front extension panels are made of glass to highlight, which is printed on rear in walnut or olive ash.
  • Integration - with 22 mm thick front. Integra is manufactured only in matt white lacquer.
  • Lucca - country-style vertical door handles. The Nobilia Lucca is available in two colors foiled front.
  • Lux - a design kitchen with high quality varnish front. Lux can be ordered in three bright colors.
  • Pia - melamine kitchen cabinetry. When Pia can be made from several solid colors and wood finishes.
  • Primo - Postformingfront with a horizontal, polymeric edge. Primo is to get in 22 colors.
  • Pura - handle-free kitchen in the trend of the times. Pura two bright paint colors are offered.
  • Rio - modern designed with replicated wood surface. Rio is available in numerous dark and light oak wood.
  • Solo - modern kitchen design in high-gloss, red patent. The fronts are rounded to solo in an 8 mm radius.
  • Speed ​​- modern decor in 4 solid colors or matte replica ash in platinum. The door panels are in Nobilia speed in white.
  • Style - MDF with polymeric cover front. Style at the insides of the doors are also in front color.
  • Vito - in a country style. The front coating is a continuous polymer film in Vito.
  • Xeno - with high gloss acrylic coating. Xeno is available in 3 fashionable high-gloss colors.


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Several ideas...

Kitchen: (most-used stuff at-hand, visible, contained)
- Skillets/Pots/Pans we use 85% of time hang @ our legs: instant access. Cost: $0 (we recycled vertical oven racks for grids; bent own S-hooks)
- Knives (used for most every meal): We "build" wooden "racks" w/ slots for knives. Our current one: Maple slats (from scrap maple flooring) attached w/ space to sides of maple butcher block.
- Utensils/Silverware: No drawers for us. Instead most stuff is in 5"-7" containers on countertops: visible, easily accessed, contained. In our last kitchen remodel, I bought cheap ($2) plastic cafeteria silverware containers, then cut holes in countertops & dropped 'em in

Care to share artroom

Storage solutions?
How about gluing PVC pipes together for brush or tool holders? You can make caddies or mount them. Paint them.
You know how expensive storage shelves can be. You are in luck - right now everybody's getting rid of their TV cabinets (now that they are using flat screens) add a shelf, or use the large portion for your canvas storage. Find them cheap or even free here on CL.
Scope out the free section and see what you can do or feel free to share your ideas.
You can also remove junk drawers from an old dresser for canvas storage. Paint it

Thks for great ideas folks.

So far our most useful additions:
- An indoor gas grill. As another said, it became addicting: we used it 2-5 times/week. It cost us just $120 - research showed it should cost at least $3,000. Huge SS hood and HUGELY powerful fan (total cost $0), restaurant grill ($100 @ auction).
- Cafeteria-style silverware "cups" and flat wood knife/utensil rack BUILT INTO kitchen counters. No need for drawers. I prefer tools always at hand. For less-used utensils, 5" wide, decorated "flower-pot-sized things" on counters.
- Glide-out OR behind-door spice racks. The former we built above fridge for $0 (scraps)

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