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Decorating the kitchen and pantry II fags

August 29, 2013 – 02:38

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Decorating the kitchen and pantry II fags

hello my dear!
We will continue the theme of "Decorating the kitchen"
this time making use of pots and your pantry. Whether most boring thing you get from the market and having to put the groceries?!
It only gets worse when you discover that it has no place to store ...

Before I had to warn me about inventory, as markets closed early
here in town, and where I live you can not go around the corner to buy something
have forgotten or over. Had to do a little stock in the pantry.
Now opened a hypermarket which is open almost 24 hours and has movies!!
is people, live in a small town and rural, imagine that after living in
mad as a capital city São Paulo, where he had everything to hand at the time he wanted ...

Well, I've said too much ... let our ideas to decorate and organize the kitchen!

Good closets and planned very often endear kitchen design.

To not have to resort to these cheap mobile grids, the option

is to appeal to some shelves and furniture. Another option cool and stylish

(In my opinion) is to make use of fags, especially these raids.

It is a great form of vertical organization and is a beautiful arrangement.

via apartment therapy.

This example above is perfect break visualize the kitchen decor

making use of utensils and pantry, organizing and decorating the space.

Even has a center island counter-improvised well, but practical.

It's the kind of project that you run on a weekend and resolves quickly!

Below follows the same idea, but more subtle, without the pantry.

The island counter was incremented with organizing bar serving

of fag. Perfect idea when you already have cabinets and want to change.

via apartment therapy.

Here, . the same idea, but making use of the wall as a chalkboard and space organization.

It's a great idea for small kitchens, the type runner. If you do not want the black slate,

can choose your favorite color or wallpaper. So there is one wall unusable.

via designsponge

In another project, the space was harnessed to the ceiling!

This style is for those who like a more visual stripped and contemporary

although this idea is old (remember our country kitchen) and enjoy cooking

style "chef" with everything exposed and hand. The work however is to clear ...

(Noticed the exhibitor store grid serving as support? Thats good account)

via skonahem

looks at a country kitchen (or better field, country)

via thistinyhouse

The same idea, in the traditional style and with a touch shabby-chic

(The fagot is a recycled grade)

via micasa

See how you optimize the space, using the wall to organize!

In this, a project of the Ikea cabinet goes to the top but with glass doors

and recessed lighting, everything is visible and easy to find (it is better

the shelves due to protection against dust). Here, no corner

is wasted! Shelves with mini bar and pantry with utensils, pots

with cutlery and roll masses, and in the corner near the window, a stand that

provides support at the time of preparing food along the island. Only small in size!

via micasa

But what if we do not find such a fagot?

I bought mine at a craft store in Curitiba,

but you can use other ideas like fags.

Besides the idea of ​​the bar, you can tailor shelves,

how this project below:

via Ikea Hackers

The bar next to the window, takes advantage of all that space and makes your closet free


Lane Publishing Co. Ideas for Kitchen Storage
Book (Lane Publishing Co.)

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Need idea for a room that is

In my new apt. It's an inside room, no windows. It's irregularly shaped, mainly a rectangle but it narrows at one end. It is 17' long and one half is 9' wide and the other end it narrows to 5' wide. The room is empty except for the previous owner's washer/ dryer and one end.
My plan is it to be part laundry room (will be buying a new w/d), part storage, part pantry. I am an avid cook and although the kitchen is lovely, it's a bit tight on storage since I have lots of small appliances, and always keep a well stocked pantry.
I want a bit of counter space. I'm thinking mainly upper and lower cabinets but maybe some floor to ceiling cabinets as well

Pet food storage bin ideas?

Any suggestions for a dog food storage bin that can hold a 40 lb bag of dog food (I'd like to keep the food in the bag, and then the bag inside the storage bin) and will be suitable to keep in the kitchen? I've found something called the Hyperbin, but it's round and I don't think I can fit a rectangular bag of dog food inside of it as is. There's also a Rubbermaid container that looks interesting.
I currently keep the opened 40 lb bag in a sealed tote in the garage, but I'd rather find something that I can keep in the kitchen. Any suggestions?

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