Red lentils: Recipes and Tips

August 29, 2013 – 02:40

Red lentils: Recipes and Tips

Red lentils are quickly than other types of lentils and are suitable for the spontaneous lens hunger. What color red lentils actually have, what makes them so healthy and how to recognize pest infestation in a lens package, click here. We also provide shopping and storage tips, and have created delicious recipes for red lentils in a gallery.

Peeled red lentils

What makes red lentils

Red lentils usually come from Turkey or India. What is known about a few red lentils, is the fact that they actually have a different color. Red lentils are namely peeled brown or purple lenses. Only its core is orange-red. When cooking red lentils are yellowish.

Red lentils cook mealy and can easily disintegrate. They are therefore very good for stews, curries and dals, but also as a side dish or puree.

Red lentils: Tips for purchasing and storage

Red lentils are available in dried form with us. Make sure that the bottom of the pack chalky marks are visible. This means a pest infestation usually.

Red lentils are very durable - when stored up to one year. Therefore, you should always keep red lentils cool, dry and protected from light as possible.

Dried red lentils

Red lentils in the kitchen

Red lentils cook faster than many of their relatives. This is because they are already peeled. Also, you need not soak red lentils before cooking. So they are ideal for quick meals. Red lentils take about 15-20 minutes to cook.

With the small legumes you can do a lot. Through her floury consistency red lentils are often used for stews and curries. You can also puree or rich as a nutritious side dish.

Red lentils: Recipes

Red lentils are known mainly from Indian dishes. But with us they are very popular. Here you will find recipes for red lentils in salads, pastas and soups.

Small seeds, big impact: red lentils

Red lentils: That's inside

Red lentils have a very good combination of nutrients. They are rich in protein and carbohydrates, but there have a low fat content. In the right combination with other protein-containing foods red lentils can certainly replace a meal of meat and are therefore a good alternative for vegetarians.


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