Inspire Yourself: Tips to use wooden boxes to decorate

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

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Wooden crates are typically found at fairs, fruit shops and wineries, storing wine bottles. However, besides being very useful in transporting fruits and beverages, these items can also be a great option for decorating your home - after all, sometimes great design ideas come from simple origins.

In the case of the boxes, they can be reused to serve great decorative purposes in each room of your home. With a touch of creativity and small investment, you can create beautiful objects and still leave the decor of your most charming corner and practice. Check out:

Bedroom and living room

With brackets to put them in the common wall and paints, it is possible to transform the crates in excellent storage solutions.

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A good idea for decorating the room or the room is taking crates and turning them on shelves. And if you do not want to mess with nails and brackets, you can still put the boxes on top of each other on the floor, forming a shelf.

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Depending on how you still have the wooden boxes, gives even to create a shelf around the television, giving a rustic charm to the environment - besides being a very economical option.

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Already in the rooms, it is possible to transform the crates on bedside tables and there are different options for this: just put a box vertically and use the top to place a lamp, for example, and part open to store books. You can even put several boxes, one on top of another, and form a bedside different and stylish!

Kitchen and bathroom

In the kitchen, the idea of ​​using crates as shelving is also very valid. Likewise, you can put a wooden box on top of the other and store them in dishes, glasses, pots and whatever else you need.

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Another fairly creative and practical to use bins in the kitchen is to put brackets to hang mugs within them. Thus, they are stored in a secure manner (without any risk of falls) and also leaving the decor with a more charming.

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In the bathrooms, wooden boxes can be used to store towels, paper rolls, among other things - a decorative way different that will still allow quick access to needed items to the use of the environment.

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Also, put casters on crates is a good option to create pieces wildcards, which can be used in any corner of the house: the kitchen (keeping bottles, spices etc..), The room (storing magazines, for example), bathroom ( putting creams, necessaries, towels), and fourth (saving children's toys, shoes, etc.).


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Also go to stores like ikea

Or that sell tons of space-saving items. sometimes the stuff is expensive, but it will give you good storage ideas.
for me, key storage areas are:
-under the bed: big flat tupperware boxes that you can slide out (leave lids off if it's stuff you plan to access frequently),
-closet space: figure out ways to use every square inch by hanging extra rods, or putting up shelves, and/or by putting cheapo shelves on the floor.
-doors: hooks over closet/bedroom/bathroom doors for towels, robes, coats, jammies
-shelving: there are so many different kinds! for kitchen, office, living room, bathroom

Some ideas

If you're tall enough put the Micro on the Frige. Works for me 5'9". Try to keep work space maximized
Many spices stored on three tier expandable plastic spice shelveson a shelf of the wall cabinet.
Amazing what can be done in the smallest kitchen if you organize it.
The SF Ritz Carlton has a tiny kitchen with only a small alcove for the pastry chef.
Baking sheets may be stored under the broiler tray of the oven.
Make space in your drawers by hanging frequently used implements on s hooks from a kitchen rack attached to the wall over the sink. They can drip dry into the sink! (IKEA about 15 bucks)
If your landlord permits, pots and pans can hang from an overhead rack

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Fill an existing shelf with wine crates for instant enclosed storage, or line the top of your cabinets with them to hide lesser-used items. You can also mount them on .. Bring your bedside lamp into the kitchen for a more inviting ambiance.

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