Stefano Seletti: design in the kitchen (from placemats to Cattelan)

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

"The more we feel that designers transformers of things, we like to take a lamp from a mechanic and make it light for interiors"

Stefano Seletti: design in the kitchen (from placemats to Cattelan) Credits: Press Office

of Raffaele Panizza After retiring dall'agone artistic, for Maurizio Cattelan came the romantic phase: "A lot of our childhood, after all, is not preserved in photographs, but in some jams, corners of the house, the smell of chairs, cups and tablecloths ..." says, anticipating the unexpected home décor project for submission to the next Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The ultimatum was clear for him to become a living monument, such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, or movimentarsi life with projects that could say pop, but in reality they are the sons of the 'momentary inspiration, born drinking a little something together to four friends at the bar. Among the friends of this new life is Stefano Seletti, born in 1970, now owner of an industry famous for the "democratic design": many Italians have (or have owned) at least one object with this brand.

"With Maurizio us know for years, but the work we had never spoken. To define this project we have not even drafted a contract, " he says in his office in Seletti Cicognara on the north bank of the Po, right next to the headquarters of a ' other historic Italian company now entered the collective imagination (especially for a spot): the Brushes Boar. "One day we thought it would be nice to give new life to any products that my father Romano imported from China since the seventies: cups of enamelled metal, plastic tablecloths, plates of iron. Impreziosirli And then with photographs of Toilet paper , the magazine that publishes Mauritius with Pier Paolo Ferrari. And so was born the idea of ​​the collection. " Which is waiting to be unveiled next 's April 11 at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan in Via Matteo Bandello, "only to be sold, as of August, at popular prices: 10 or 15 euro a piece, no more" .

It is as popular as ever the philosophy Seletti. A brand that has accompanied the Italian custom filling the houses of a filmography of objects that smell like a lost world of housewives with her ​​apron and dad with a mustache who smoke in the Fiat 131. It is 1972 when Seletti senior part from the Lower Valley for the first few trips to China, epics long weeks with stopovers in Alaska obliged and customs controls by the Cold War. Becomes the leading importer of a world of things to remember is that melancholy: the beloved (and feared by most naughty boys) of woven rattan carpet beater, for example. The straw trivet with floral motifs and bamboo breadbox. The Wipers honeycomb and the doormats that says "Hello" ... An epic import-export company which lasts until, in 2005, stretching in bed, Stefano gives a twist to the history of the company: "I look at plastic water bottle on the bedside table and I think I want to redo it. Borosilicate Glass , though. "

He was born in a moment Aesthetic daily, the new generation (later copiatissima) Seletti invasion in homes National porcelain cups as they are to those used by the coffee machines in offices (400, 000 units sold so far); dispensers shaped jugs milk or packaging of Vernel. A worldwide success that is followed by others: that of the line Twd (plates and mugs imprinted with street maps of the capitals of the world) or bright letters of modular Neon Art. The boxes Pantone and the chandelier pressed paper Egg of Columbus.


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