Kitchen Storage Ideas 2011

Ideas for organizing a food pantry

August 29, 2013 – 02:38

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Cut kitchen clutter by organizing your food pantry. If you've been putting off the task for days or even weeks, book a few hours to create a pantry well stocked and organized. Having a pure food pantry and organized will make your life easier and the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable. Make the most of the usable space of the kitchen to maximize your storage options.

Pantry drawers

If your pantry shelves are overflowing, make use of space. Buy mesh storage drawers with a flat surface for even more storage space. Choose shallow drawers that fits comfortably in a small space, pantry. Look of drawers with durable melamine tops for storing objects larger, heavier, and glass canisters, pasta and rice, cookbooks and even cookware. Choosing drawers with steel frames and long-lasting construction knitted into containers, which will make the content easier to see and to allow air circulation. Organize drawers, filling each with an object type, such as spices, paper towels, kitchen towels folded, extra dishes and paper plates and plastic cups for parties.

Group food items

If you are unsure of how to deal with a food pantry messy, unkempt, start grouping items. Organize food items for the pantry type will make it easier to look and actions, as well as access to prepare meals. Designate each shelf of the pantry for another type of food. For example, items will fill in all the canned goods shelf. Place that soup cans together, all vegetable cans together and so on. Fill the shelf with other items of Joshua, like spaghetti sauces, pie fillings, jams and homemade jams and salsas. Another shelf can hold all dry baking goods like pancakes and cake mixes, pasta, flour and sugar.

Inventory List

Not in the dark when it comes to knowing what is in your food pantry. Keeping a list of current inventory you will save money by avoiding food spoilage. Drop a dry erase or chalk board inside the pantry door and update it on a daily or weekly basis. Keep a pad of paper and pen nearby so you can jot down items you need for a shopping list. Make a list of all pantry items on the board and cross them off as you use them. When you run out of a particular item, add it to your shopping list execution.


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