Theory chef's kitchen experiment: I'm still alive + Verano storage room open to the public

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

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I did not seem to have little long hair Xinwen, ok? Hee hee ...
Well ~ ~ thank you email, blog on the message, Plurk, telephone, multi-faceted Wanted & care, I actually had a very good: as usual eat bread every day, raising fertilizer is the best proof.
So I recently waitin 311.What? I was busy finishing storeroom cover & friends!
Shrimp storage room? Ah ha (clearing his throat), that I want to use ingredients and kitchen utensils to the kitchen and more fit, had expanded to a dedicated storage space.
Speaking to cover this storage room, but I do not know how many took shameless (with Mr.Lee & Turbo learned something), coquetry, to curry favor in exchange for ... other sorts of martial arts, this electric toys and to convince Mr.Lee comic room office upstairs.
More in the kitchen next to an empty room, I booked a 6 groups shelves, it occupied the space, like this:

Of course ... this is just my dessert "baking" Tools & Die ... hehe ..

Bakeware so laid out, and I think much more convenient, clear, when you do not have to use rummaging through to find, so happy Oh!
As for the dress finished with porcelain dessert, cups, spoons, etc. have their own place

Because I cover this is mainly used as a storage room to put food place, which is not usually used in hoarding

These are my recent busy project, one of the first so that breaking ~ ~ ~

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Accumulate SQUARED cleaning containers for under sink storage. Purchase vacuum-bag storage bags for seasonals (blankets/pillows/clothes),
reduce container air and store in one-tenth of
former area

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