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August 29, 2013 – 02:57

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Renew without spending: over 30 ideas of our decorators

Nine Decorators renew their secrets for decorating with little investment and without works. Over 30 easy ideas to do and very effective. Shall we begin?

1. It dispenses with the doors

If you have a door in the living room or kitchen is always open, you can do without it. It's a good way to communicate stays: eliminate the double doors, hinges and remove the frame or paint as the wall. Iñaki Mujika.

Two. Put moldings on walls and ceilings

Put molding is a very easy and effective way to give movement to walls and ceilings. On the wall you can put them creating panels. They are also a good option to renew the cabinets. Olga López de Vera.

Three. Decorate with pictures

Review your pictures and make sure you are hanging at eye level (a common misconception is that they are too high). If you have several together, make sure you respond to any order or proportion. Ideally you have some reference point (ranked by top, bottom or center). Use them to highlight a wall "important." Rosa Diaz-Roji.

April. A detail changes everything

Just changing room lamp transforms the entire stay. Pia Capdevila.

May. Ground cover

Use the carpets also to 'cover' the ground. Best smooth, the dwarf stamped. "Antó Affairs.

June. Wallpaper throughout the house

The wallpaper is better than paint in terms of cleanliness, maintenance or isolation. also with painting is difficult to control the tones. The coated paper, receives and collects much. I prefer to take the entire stay with the same role, in just a wall is well seen. Iñaki Mujika.

July. Regular light

"With a potentiometer in all lamps, adjusts the intensity of the light and change the atmosphere with little investment." Javier Carrasco.

August. Dress up the walls

Place a wainscot: wooden slat or two wallpapers, one above and one below, with a strip of wood in the middle. If the wainscot is clear, you will gain brightness. Asun Antó.

9. Make a visit to the attic

Check out the storage room of mothers and grandmothers if you find a treasure to rescue. in decor, everything returns, fashions are cyclical. Marta Rafecas.


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