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August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Tips and techniques for using hidden spaces in your kitchen and keep everyday items

The designs of a kitchen run in different ways,but they all have something in common: the need to provide space for storage.You need places to store equipment and utensils that will be used daily,but that should not be exposed.For those who have little space in a kitchen fully assembled or who are building a large kitchen from scratch,prepared some tips and techniques to indicate use all hidden spaces of smart and simple way.Check it out!

A trick to look

Using light colors in your cabinets,shelves and walls,you create the illusion of a larger space without it compromising storage capacity.Add a dash of color in simple things like the gable or even decorative items to prevent the space is monochrome.Another great trick is to give more depth to install cabinets with glass doors.This type of mobile storage serves both as decoration,just add interior lights to effect "showcase".So you give style to your cabinets and not lose any single inch of precious space they have.

Taking advantage of all areas of the grandstand

The centerpiece of a kitchen countertop offers various spaces,in addition to being an important area for performing the activities of daily life.However,often the sides and corners of this furniture are ignored when storing products.Wine bottles,decorative items and seasonings fit perfectly on the bench.

Even if you do not have a central island in your kitchen,the unused spaces of cabinets and shelves can be used and even enhanced with the use of small shelves and space dividers.

Style hidden

Angles and support can give more class in your kitchen cabinet.But with the addition of these items,usable space can be compromised,as drawers or doors can be lowered to accommodate these treats.Keep some utensils on display shelves and store canned goods and spices in general. Check out this cabinet designed by Dave Stimmel and get inspired with some ideas for storing items in style.


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Mobility enhances consolidation skills. Have
many cartons available as you UNPACK to re-box
seasonal items to smaller and smaller ones for later retrieval. Pack, box, re-box (solids, pills, liquids.) I consolidate refrigerator often and before Thanksgiving: mayo/pickles, etc. to smaller as they diminish; ditto in
medicine cabinet/bureau/closet/kitchen.
Accumulate SQUARED cleaning containers for under sink storage. Purchase vacuum-bag storage bags for seasonals (blankets/pillows/clothes),
reduce container air and store in one-tenth of
former area

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