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August 29, 2013 – 02:40


Antique armoire, corner in the kitchen, extra space in the service area. The pantry reinvents itself accumulates functions - china cabinet, one of them - and want to be noticed

Text Mariana Mello Moraes | Reporter picture Henrique Morais | Photos Marco Antonio
Who opens the drawers of the bottom cabinet is groceries, table clothes and sleepers

Hairgrips, sold in hardware stores, accommodate cups and mugs, opening closet space

Miner multipurpose

The cabinet rustic mahogany rose 2.10 x 1 m already went up and down stairs, two changes endured insult and not really showing signs of fatigue. In the past, served as a guard - Lucca clothing, the eldest son of the couple and producer Nicole Moralli Bruno Knor. Today, with the background painted black and some adaptations, pantry in the kitchen is a modern apartment in West St. Paul. At the top of the door, a latch control children's access to the goodies.

The pantry houses and maintains organized the shopping bags home

Necessary luxury
The wallpaper can seem a mere whim decorative. But it is not. The prop was also thought to preserve the inner walls of the pantry, subject to scrapes and scratches on the strap and put daily dishes and the like. "Besides leaving the pantry prettiest, the wallpaper is easy to clean. One option he is painting with washable paint, "says architect Flavia Gerab, mother of the project. The bowls are the blue Artemix. Sousplats Roberto Simões and straw basket of flowers Emporium.

The pantry is under the structure of the staircase leading to the rooms of the manor

Upgrade the former cabinet

With 2.10 m wide and 1.35 m deep, this utility not born beautiful as well. Until the other day, was a modest cabinet for brooms. With the blessing of an engineering team, the owner Priscilla Andrade authorized the sledgehammer and made up this comfortable area to store non-perishable products. The shelves in the "L" - with approximate 40 cm between each plank - accommodate the household purchases. "I hate going to the grocery store all the time. So I opted to make only one monthly purchase and store everything, "says Priscilla. The glass door was blasted another right decision: gives privacy to the inside without compromising the lightness of the environment.

The modules come with the ceiling of the environment. Upright,
provide total utilization of space

Pantry and half

Two cabinets 1.40 m wide by 60 cm deep life of the doctor decided Pernambuco Italo Medeiros. From food to clothes fresh from the clothesline, everything has its place. The mobile fulfills the role not only in storage, but also organizing service area. Tear gasps of visitors circles leaked the doors. Idea of ​​the owner, who rebuked the first version delivered by joinery: "They came with few holes. Returned and told to do more. " And is not that in the rush of everyday openings serve as handles?

The seven keys

The shelves of granite had been doing a good job. But something was missing from the pantry businesswoman Silvia Percussi. A sure she had: keep the open space to enjoy their wares, appliances, and also to control the shopping list. "I like to know if something is missing or left, " says Silvia. Fan of old pieces, she panned in a store demolition material this classy iron gate. Painted graffiti, he asked simply an adaptation to the masonry, which was docked.


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