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With nature permaculture design, teach you to grow fruits and vegetables, non-toxic, creating mini garden, Green Cottage

August 29, 2013 – 02:40

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Small space in the city, easily create their own vegetable garden! To own balcony patio into food forests can be harvested! Never been to field, but also kind of want to eat delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables!

The farmers seem to do these dreams? Really, you live in the city, you can easily do! All the answers are in the "lazy farming 1st full graphic: with nature permaculture" in this book.

According to the book "lazy farming" to implement coaching, from 30 cm mini garden, a ping to the Tianyuan Nong suburbs, can be easily applied for, intelligent management, simply use leisure time, you will be able to fully experience the farming seasons fun.

The three principles of the book, 10 keywords, 21 kinds of ideas, teach you to easily create an organic vegetable garden:

The book "cyclic organic cultivation" as the basic, teach you how to create eco-organic home garden. Without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, the use of symbiotic cultivation, biological resources can expel pests; edible crop harvest, the remaining ingredients used to make compost; planting can enjoy year-round fun, pastoral scenery, delicious fruits and vegetables "direct delivery of fresh table ○ distance ", you save daily expenses!

The book includes hundreds of pieces of wonderful illustrations, detailed examples for you:
● 7 9 kind garden design tips ● 3 principles, 10 keywords, 21 kinds of ideas ● 4 symbiotic crop cultivation Table ● 4 times per intensive vegetable delicious big challenge ● 4 fabricating a compost recipe ● 1 tsubo paddy , will be able to build a kung harvesting rice ● ● Poultry Rabbits microclimate help you plow, weeding, loam ● Private home nursery seed wild magic notes ● ● ● suburban residential renovation ○ build from Broadwood Cottage

Also, you can blend your own life style, to create seven kinds of specialty vegetable garden:

● kitchen, the most suitable stones, stakes, dirt build diameter of 1m 2m deep "spiral garden" symbiotic arrangement suitable for the cultivation of a variety of spice crops, so you every day with fresh spices into the dish!

● length x width 90cm "square type vegetable garden" is a space-saving super helper! Can be divided into nine blocks, planting a variety of vegetables, from your home dining table salad, fresh direct distance.

● home if three square meters of open space nearby, come try "keyhole garden." It is based on arm's length design, standing in the garden center, no matter from which angle can reach Shi Geng, very easy to care for.

● From your home leading to the garden, or the street and neighbors shared with woven bamboo "fence garden" growing perennial berries, artichokes, asparagus, invite neighbors enjoy the pastoral scenery, vibrant shared delicious trails.

● High 80cm "tower type vegetable garden" is a rhizome vegetables paradise! Recycled boxes, sacks, non-woven, you can not spend a penny to build the most suitable radish, potato growth, can also be divided into round with a cross planted four kinds of family love to eat vegetables.

● live in urban apartments, houses a collection of your most suitable "balcony garden." Stepwise, three-dimensional display of multiple elongated planters, hanging Xiaopen vanilla crop, note sunshine, wind and energy cycles, you can in the smallest space, to get the greatest benefit.


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A few ideas

Most of my kitchen is presently in storage. Only carrying what I call my "suitcase kitchen". Stuff with the biggest bang for the buck. Some things that made the cut:
Braun immersion blender
woodfibre laminate cutting board (big)
coffee grinder (for grinding spices)
carbon steel saute pan (Economy Rest. Supply has)
pressure cooker (Presto 4 qt, stainless steel)
remote probe digital thermometer
graters, large (Rösle) and small (Microplane)
There were other things, but those are what I'd call the most gift-able. Probably have other suggestions if you tell us what he likes to cook.

Some ideas

If you're tall enough put the Micro on the Frige. Works for me 5'9". Try to keep work space maximized
Many spices stored on three tier expandable plastic spice shelveson a shelf of the wall cabinet.
Amazing what can be done in the smallest kitchen if you organize it.
The SF Ritz Carlton has a tiny kitchen with only a small alcove for the pastry chef.
Baking sheets may be stored under the broiler tray of the oven.
Make space in your drawers by hanging frequently used implements on s hooks from a kitchen rack attached to the wall over the sink. They can drip dry into the sink! (IKEA about 15 bucks)
If your landlord permits, pots and pans can hang from an overhead rack

Thks for great ideas folks.

So far our most useful additions:
- An indoor gas grill. As another said, it became addicting: we used it 2-5 times/week. It cost us just $120 - research showed it should cost at least $3,000. Huge SS hood and HUGELY powerful fan (total cost $0), restaurant grill ($100 @ auction).
- Cafeteria-style silverware "cups" and flat wood knife/utensil rack BUILT INTO kitchen counters. No need for drawers. I prefer tools always at hand. For less-used utensils, 5" wide, decorated "flower-pot-sized things" on counters.
- Glide-out OR behind-door spice racks. The former we built above fridge for $0 (scraps)

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