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A kitchen island beautiful and bright

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

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Renovating this 1970s house, the owners wanted to open up the space to create the through parts of the street to the garden. They have entrusted the implementation to the interior designer Victor Levy, associated with architectural firm Gruloos-Solinis (Brussels). The idea was to reverse the functions by the kitchen , not a separate space, but the hostess room, which now meets all the family happy. Somewhat in the spirit of the farm kitchens around which organized the life of the household.

The strength of granite

Surrounded by windows on the street side, the kitchen is now open on the living-dining room overlooking the garden. She is separated by a sliding door with blue windows, allowing the need to close the place without actually partitioning. Dressed all in white to forget the walls, the large kitchen (30 m2) is arranged around a large central island with a black dress catches the eye. His long granite worktop (5 meters) welcomes poles washing and cooking, but also serves as a dining table for six people. Low MDF furniture, dyed, are coated with a matt varnish.

An ultra-functional wall

Perpendicular to the island, an entire wall is devoted to food storage and utensils. Designed by architects and custom-made by a cabinetmaker, its white furniture with smooth facades magnetic opening does not limit the view. Only built-in ovens grouped in hand, create a "disturbance". The movements are optimized. Facing the dining table, a second white cabinet shelves, which serves dresser, shows only small appliances daily and multimedia screen.

Interior designer Victor Levy

Belgium. Tel. : 00 99 32476319.


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A few ideas

Most of my kitchen is presently in storage. Only carrying what I call my "suitcase kitchen". Stuff with the biggest bang for the buck. Some things that made the cut:
Braun immersion blender
woodfibre laminate cutting board (big)
coffee grinder (for grinding spices)
carbon steel saute pan (Economy Rest. Supply has)
pressure cooker (Presto 4 qt, stainless steel)
remote probe digital thermometer
graters, large (Rösle) and small (Microplane)
There were other things, but those are what I'd call the most gift-able. Probably have other suggestions if you tell us what he likes to cook.

Some ideas

If you're tall enough put the Micro on the Frige. Works for me 5'9". Try to keep work space maximized
Many spices stored on three tier expandable plastic spice shelveson a shelf of the wall cabinet.
Amazing what can be done in the smallest kitchen if you organize it.
The SF Ritz Carlton has a tiny kitchen with only a small alcove for the pastry chef.
Baking sheets may be stored under the broiler tray of the oven.
Make space in your drawers by hanging frequently used implements on s hooks from a kitchen rack attached to the wall over the sink. They can drip dry into the sink! (IKEA about 15 bucks)
If your landlord permits, pots and pans can hang from an overhead rack

Thks for great ideas folks.

So far our most useful additions:
- An indoor gas grill. As another said, it became addicting: we used it 2-5 times/week. It cost us just $120 - research showed it should cost at least $3,000. Huge SS hood and HUGELY powerful fan (total cost $0), restaurant grill ($100 @ auction).
- Cafeteria-style silverware "cups" and flat wood knife/utensil rack BUILT INTO kitchen counters. No need for drawers. I prefer tools always at hand. For less-used utensils, 5" wide, decorated "flower-pot-sized things" on counters.
- Glide-out OR behind-door spice racks. The former we built above fridge for $0 (scraps)

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