Handling and Storage of Food

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

Here are some tips to reduce losses,conservation and handling of ingredients to optimize your inventory.

Use seasonal ingredients
Keep the season or regional dishes,which you can change according to seasonality of produce.This will contribute to using less ingredients in your inventory. Use common ingredients
Compose his menu so that one ingredient may be in more than one plate.With this,the number of suppliers and your shopping list will be
smaller,your stock will be more optimized and pre-preparation of its recipes,simple.

Purchase scheduled
Determine specific day for the purchase of each input (eg Hortifruti,dry,dairy,meats,etc..).This action will facilitate the entry and exit control of your inventory and handling of products will be lower.

Handling raw foods,cooked,clean or dirty in a kitchen,using the same desktop or utensil,may create a contamination between these components.It's what we call cross-contamination.To avoid this you should always sanitize countertops,wash utensils after handling food,avoid leaving trash near the site of manipulation and comply with food storage.

Reduce your losses,conserve and sanitize best ingredients

Dry ingredients
Storage: must be willing away the floor in a dry and well ventilated area away from cleaning materials.Can not stand against the wall or near the ceiling.We suggest using plastic shipping pallets on the floor.Respect systems FIFO (First to Come,First to Sai) or PVPS (First to Win,
First of Sai).Packaging: should always be in good condition with visible identification.Do not reuse containers of finished products and,in the case of exchanges of containers,store in clean jars,always closed,arranged in a cool dry place. How to identify your products?
The label is critical to identify the product,because in addition to containing all
information necessary and important for the control of validity,batch,production date / handling and provenance,its use is a mandatory procedure determined by ANVISA.When there is a product out of original packaging,the label must contain the name of the product,date of manufacture or handling,expiry date,and duration after open lot (if any).

Receiving: conduct pre-selection of vegetables and remove products that are not suitable for storage (rotten,wrinkled and damaged).For more information on receipt of goods.Storage: keep in plastic boxes separated by ingredient,appropriately identified.Observe proper temperature storage in the table of ingredients.Hygiene: let the vegetables dipped in a bleach solution (1 tablespoon) 2% or 2.5% in 1 liter of water for 15-20 minutes.After this procedure,
rinse with clean water.

Meat,poultry,fish,pork and eggs
Storage: organize as follows in the fridge - on finished products and raw products below,whenever a food thaw,place on the bottom shelf to avoid dripping on other foods.Both in receiving and in storage,it is important to observe the correct temperatures to always keep the ingredient with better quality.

Pre-prepared foods or ready
Food exposition: the thermal counter (water bath) should be cleaned with water
clean changed daily and maintained at a temperature of 80 ° C to 90 ° C.Storage: after pre-prepared or already prepared foods may be
stored in a refrigerator or freezer,since they have been kept in ideal conditions of temperature.Always keep the product in a clean container,covered and properly identified.

Source: www.unileverfoodsolutions.com.br

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Like a storage trunk used as a coffee table, under bed clothing drawers, kitchen cabinets that go to the ceiling, stacked washer/dryer, sofa bed or daybed/trundle bed, second lower hanging bar in part of the closet, chair/step stool combo, in the wall drop down ironing board, to name a few... alot of clever ideas can be seen in how travel trailers and live aboard boats are set up.

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