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How to have a small but very organized

August 29, 2013 – 02:40

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Modern kitchens have limited space and limited storage sites, which means a real challenge for the new families. Occasionally sacrifice the aesthetics storage, however it is not necessary to dispense with one of the two. The installation of base units, vertical cabinets, door hangers and other accessories will help in organizing the task of having everything in place.

1. Colca storage baskets in the shelves of the lower drawers. The baskets slide easily, plus you can customize and can be used to store groups: canned foods, hand towels, sachets of pasta, among other things.

Two. Sort by relevance, not going to put the cereal, coffee and breakfast items daily from further away in drawers, so use the baskets to put all that on hand. The packages of rice, pasta and junk that are rarely used these can place them in the upper cabinets.

Three. Place labels in front of drawers, baskets and jars will be helpful to quickly locate everything you need in the kitchen, without messing around.

April. Get rid of the big boxes or envelopes containing food cans, boxes take up much space and these things can be stacked easily, do not need additional housing. The 'SmartCab' of Häfele fima can be your greatest ally in the storage of individual products.

May. You must purchase accessories with more than one function, this measure is truly effective to save space. Buy a board game instead of having versatile dinnerware for everyday, one for visitors and one more for the holidays. A board game in white with a sleek and modern decor will serve for the first two functions and instead of having thousands of dishes invests in games tablecloths and napkins that will change the look to your dining cuastión seconds. Bed, Bath & Beyond has all kinds of dishes with spring designs as the model Lenox Butterfly Meadow.

June. Save shaped nest, put the dishes in each other and designates a basket for all lids, place them by size, it will be easier to locate them.

July. Recycle bottles and then put dried fruit, spices and seeds, decorate it with a cute ribbon around the neck nuanced, píntales some flowers with spray tube decals themed stained glass or hit them, you'll have a unique spice game. With this idea not only see when you are missing some essential ingredient, your kitchen will have a uniform look without much effort. Although pudes also invest in a spice rack like Rubbermaid signature.

August. Use the vertical space with shelves placing an auxiliary cabinet, this is an excellent idea to earn more in less space.

9. You can install a pendant inside the cabinet door, this new space will give you a very practical, is the perfect place to put what you use frequently or even small things such as keys and envelopes.


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The old "steamer-trunk-as-a-coffee-table" is always a winner. Blanket/winter coat storage there. Smaller steamer trunks or similar for end tables, same thing. You will have a TV, yes? Well you can build a TV stand a bit taller than the average (pretty short) by using storage cabinets (even kitchen cabinets) and laying a wood shelf atop. If you put down 2 cabinets for the base, then the wood shelf spanning them (you could even put a third one down on the base course), then two more cabinets atop (TV fits in between these 2 cabs) then another wood shelf you will have a decent place to keep stuff

Double duty items

Like a storage trunk used as a coffee table, under bed clothing drawers, kitchen cabinets that go to the ceiling, stacked washer/dryer, sofa bed or daybed/trundle bed, second lower hanging bar in part of the closet, chair/step stool combo, in the wall drop down ironing board, to name a few... alot of clever ideas can be seen in how travel trailers and live aboard boats are set up.

Bay Area furniture resources?

We are buying a very small home and will be buying furniture to fit the new home--things like a sofa, sleeper bed or futon, kitchen table, chest of drawers, bookshelves, rugs, etc. We won't have a ton of money, but would like to get decent quality. What are the good discount furniture places in the Bay Area? (Yes, we've been to Ikea.) Buying used is OK too, we just don't want crap. Storage and space will be issues, so any good space-saving ideas would also be helpful.

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