Storage: little helper for more order

August 29, 2013 – 02:39

What to do with all the stuff when cupboards and drawers are overflowing already? When storing this and that there are great opportunities to control the chaos.

Storage: Boxes, boxes and baskets for all occasions
In terms of storage boxes play the main role absolute. From round to square it come in different sizes, patterns, materials, transparent or colored, with or without lid. Field and label options help in sorting and retrieval of objects - Polaroids in opaque boxes. Handles or handle slots in the storage are convenient when wearing. Boxes with flat lid without handle can be virtually stacked up to the ceiling and then even still to fill small niches well.

Storage and equipment
Storing it in leather is pure understatement, fabric-covered boxes can look gorgeous romantic. Braided bamboo baskets lend an Asian or African touch. The storage is thus simultaneously decoration, is in harmony with the interior. The Beautiful: Just in storage, you can give free rein to your imagination and make things themselves bravely. This offer everyday objects like empty boxes or cans great options.

Storage: order in the wardrobe
Boxes and boxes keep their wardrobe in order. For storing socks, underwear and lingerie as well as scarves, gloves or hats, they are ideal. The storage at the same time protects your clothes from dust.

Storage in neutral colors, interior system of Cornice Raumplus

Storage in the closet

Tips for Storage
1 Arrange the storage of frequency of use. A box of caps, for example, gets a rear room, storage with bathing suits, however, is quickly accessible in the summer.

2 Take for storage of nylon stockings cloth bag, considering it does not get Zief├Ąden.

3 Ties are bundled into compartments boxes.

4 Suits, blouses or skirts that you wear less often or only seasonally, should see a garment bag protection. The storage will not only protect from dust, but also from Ausbleichtung by light.

5 If space is rollable wardrobes made of light wood or aluminum poles and a solid fabric are useful. In this store you can outsource some of your clothes in the basement or attic.

Storing shoes
A major issue for women with many shoes: Who has a large walk-in closet for storage, filled with shelves protected by glass doors a dream. Shoe rack or shoe cabinets are less visually spectacular, with storage in the narrow wardrobe but very useful. A pretty alternative for storing shoes are clear plastic boxes that are einsichtbar and simultaneously allow the stacking of shoes or colorful cloth bag.

Only the best: storing shoes in cloth bag

Storage in the closet:
The walk-in closet
Wardrobe with system

Storage in the home

Storage: Tips for home
1 For storage of toys and stuffed animals for the nursery are stable plastic, wood or metal boxes and hanging nets that are attached to the ceiling, suitable. Building blocks and Co. can be easily removed and sorted back again after playing - thus creating the storage order in the nursery.


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Asking for ideas is fine, but not for

Forums are for discussion. They're national and international, and therefore not very effective (in addition to being against terms of use).
That said, it sounds very nice!
If I were considering renting space, I'd want a small basic kitchen (fridge, microwave, sink, etc.).
Secure storage space would also be useful.

How is organized in their homes?

I have a hard time staying organized. Clothes and the kitchen seems to take a beating for me.
I can never keep mine, or my childrens closets organized. I need ideas for storage and rotation of items.
The reason I bring this up: My housekeeper comes every other Monday. I tend to spend most of my Sunday prior cleaning clutter and clothes in order for her to deep clean the house. I need some help with organization and rotation of items.

Okay we are re-organzing the playroom

I need some toy storage ideas.
The playroom is going to be for both the 5 year old and then the baby when he is a toddler so I need to have higher storage are for the older child's toys.
Its a pretty good size space but its narrow and long so I need to do quite a bit of wall storage and cubbies. I also want an area for books and reading.
I have one area set up with the little kitchen and pretend cooking things but I dont like the way the fake food and pots and pans are stored. they are just in a bin and it takes up too much room

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