The bar kitchen island rack EXPEDIT

August 29, 2013 – 02:40

Переделка ЭКСПЕДИТВы обзавелись долгожданной собственной квартирой или домом?Не желаете прибегать к помощи высокооплачиваемых дизайнеров и хотите сами обустроить собственное жилье?Обратите внимание на продукцию от компании ИКЕА,которая словно конструктор в умелых руках и творческом подходе к делу,собирается в подходящие именно к вашему интерьеру предметы мебели и различные аксессуары.Творить с ИКЕА можно бесконечно!Герой нашей сегодняшней переделки кухонный Island Bar, Changing EXPEDIT rack.In our case,it was designed in the small kitchen to maximize space and accomplished the task perfectly.

Because it will require a bit as follows:

a piece of particle board,the size 149h79 cm;


You must create your own EXPEDIT shelf .IKEA furniture items have a single complete set,in which all intuitive.Rack model is good because it can be used in vertical or horizontal position.Adapted to our needs just the second option.Assorted colors and the ability to choose a luminous glow allow maximum benefit to beat kitchen space.One side of the grid with small nails to sew the Board of Directors and,if necessary,the color of the paint rack.Кухонный мини-бар ЭКСПЕДИТ Then on the top panel,set the height adjustable legs EQUITY ,which is placed on the counter.It should be the size of a little more than the rack.This will allow more convenient to place it will be much more visually pleasing.In the IKEA catalog is a wide range of worktops.Offer to pay attention to LINNMON or PREGEL .

Sam doukoplektovyvaem rack inserts EXPEDIT drawers and doors to meet your needs.The combination can be any here.In case you are not satisfied with the drawer handles or they do not match the decor of your kitchen,they can be easily replaced by more appropriate.The space between the top and the support can be used for any type of storage is needed in the kitchen.To this end,suitable Baskets KNARRA white version of the tree.Also nice model combine handwoven baskets BYUHOLMA .As you can see the minimum of effort,and the output has a island bar,which allows you to save a lot of space in the kitchen.Complete with high chairs for them to eat,or you can simply use it as extra work surface.Place the grid and use it to store the materials at hand.


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There will be a lounge area and reference library in the painting section, and that will open through several sliding glass doors to my pool area/outdoor kitchen

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