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August 29, 2013 – 02:39


Furniture, mix of materials - solution for medical How much innovative technology from the kitchen and furniture industry you can use for medical devices? From wire, steel and sheet metal experts have developed a new type of housing. The technology is already established.

More about this "flagship product" read here .

Perfect access
The cupboard extract is a popular classic in the storage optimization in modern kitchens. Now the system components manufacturer Vauth-Sagel expanded its product offering in this area to a storage unit extension that is compatible with all high cabinets that have a front access using a standard concealed hinges ...

Use corners sense
A true classic of Vauth-Sagel is the "Wari corner". The Eckschrankbeschlag convinces with its user-friendly movement. To make the product more wide-scale use, the manufacturer has made ​​some adaptations ...

Eckschrankauszug Wari Corner uses every corner
Place is in the smallest of places - this is a common adage that certainly also applies to the kitchen. However, the meaningful use of the available space is often a problem because of certain Rastermassse common widths and precisely because in the kitchen area ...

L'éventail of the déchets de systèmes de tri Vauth-Sagel s'élargit. Le fabricant de Westphalia orientale (Allemagne) présente en effet son free eco liner libre element positionable. Du système de cette nouvelle variant of the tri déchets vient se rajouter à la gamme de la marque qui comme des produits inclut Eco liner, liner powermove eco, eco flex liner et eco center ...

Organic design behind the doors
So far, the Recorner maxx for the classic 90-degree or 45-degree corner cabinet version with 3/4 or 4/4 round bottom was offered. Now developed Vauth-Sagel the design for kitchens in more organic style. This not only extend Eckschranktüren concave, but also the bottom of the circular recess is adapted to the global imaging Design ...

The right solution for every
The design of the furniture behind the front also has Vauth-Sagel in view, as an individually designed kitchen already no longer limited only to the front or countertop selection. Differenzeirungnspotential in the lower, corner and wall cabinets offers here the Vauth-Sagel basket program in the interface design ...

Vauth-Sagel presenta nuovi prodotti e nuove soluzioni
Nuova di variant cestello Premea Glassline: Premea Glassline Vauth di-Sagel estende a ben quattro varianti il ​​suo programma di riuscito Cestelli. Gli elementi laterali di Premea Glassline, configurabili individualmente, offrono l'il opportunitádi mantenere design all'interno anche della cucina dei mobili ...

Vauth-Sagel successfully with consistent presence on fairs
At the interzum in May 2011 made Vauth-Sagel its strategic realignment public. Since then, the areas furniture, caravanning, automotive, medical / care and Multimarket are no longer handled by the individual subsidiaries, but Vauth-Sagel occurs in its entirety and advertises its expertise in the various regions of material, steel, wire, Belch, wood and plastic . ..


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Here are some things that *I* would want, but you can decide which are necessary for you.
pots/pans: small and large sauce pans, small and large frying pans, stock pot
knives: chef's knife, paring knife, medium "all-purpose" knife, bread knife, carving fork+knife
Plastic storage containers
Bakeware: cake pan, muffin pan, cheesecake pan, pyrex/lasagna dishes (11x14 and 8" square), cookie sheets, wire cooling racks
Mixing bowls: at least three sizes
Silverware (I suggest checking Macy's sales, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, etc

De-clutter your home, de-clutter your life  — Fenton Tri County Times
Now that everything is in storage bins and labeled on shelves, it takes minutes, not hours, to find things she's looking for.

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