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How to keep a stocked kitchen pantry

August 29, 2013 – 02:40

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If you mistakenly assume that you had this box bread crumbs, or you forgot to put the item in your shopping cart the last time you were in the store, is a frustration when you find that you do not have what you need to put together a meal. Instead of running out of kitchen essentials at an inopportune time, use the limits of a pantry as a place to store extra. So you no longer have to worry about running out of essentials.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Grouping items together in the pantry so you can find them easily. For example, put all in one place cereal, canned vegetables all in one place and all drinks in another area. The larger the area of ​​your pantry, more specialized, you can become the organizing items.
  2. Create a master list of all the items in your pantry and make several copies of the list in a copier. Group items under titles in the categories that you have organized in the pantry. For example, take a position on the master list entitled "Drinks". List each type of drink you under the stock as "bottled water", "fruit juice" and "sodium diet." Puts lines beside each item or small boxes so that you can indicate which items you need when you go shopping.
  3. See items in the pantry every time you plan a shopping trip and check the list items you need to buy. Depending on space, budget and frequency of use, keep two to four items - or more, if your family is large - of each type by hand. For example, if your family consumes two boxes of cereal a week, keep at least four boxes on hand in case you do not become to the store in time to replace the boxes that were eaten in a week.
  4. Store the items in the correct categories when you come home. Place the newer items in the back and move the older items to the front, so you will use them first.

Tips & Warnings

Put spices in alphabetical order in the pantry, so you can easily locate them and monitor what you need to buy at the store.

Mount in a rack space on the pantry door to save space.

Pack food in bulky containers or boxes for more space. For example, put the sugar and flour in bags of style sturdy zipper, clear and stack them horizontally on top of one another to save space.


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Creating Storage Space

We have one of those Enclosed "sun rooms"!
18x10.5ish, drop ceiling with tiles, Commercial lights.
It appears that its a Slab foundation that was added on in the 80's. The house was built in 1930 , and is considered a Bungalow, and on the historical Registry.
Walls are Paneled and have already been painted, and the Flooring replaced with textured 13" tile 5 years ago.
So what Im wanting to do is create a close space at one end of the room. It would be 10 foot wide though and narrow in depth.
Question is, should we frame up a wall, drywall around and put up some sliding or paneled doors, and use those wire racks on the walls, or build actual shelves?...

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