Modern wood storage racks | Harrie Leenders

August 29, 2013 – 02:38

Modern wood storage racks | Harrie Leenders

Improve the organization of your garden with this rack to store firewood Harrie Leenders.This frame is so attractive and so key piece in a garden and a fireplace.The design proposed by Harrie Leenders provides a rustic touch to galvanized steel base,in addition to storing vertically,taking up minimal space.

Under its roof,the woodshed remains protected from the rain to the wood,which will be ready for use at any time.Another good thing of these wood sheds is that they are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble,so they can be adjusted to all types of gardens.Also the length can be customized to be as well as possible for your garden.

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Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions Suggestions?

I have a kitchen pantry type
of storage for the cans, pasta.
About 5ft tall by two feet.
The shelving broke off. Any suggestions
for easy quick solutions for
shelving. Stores?
I thought of those particle
board shoe racks that you assemble,
but the sizing won't work.
I'm not a handyperson with tools so
cutting and installing new shelves
is not a option at this point.

Storage Problem

I have very limited cabinet space in my kitchen, i do have a clost there but it has the boiler and a washer/dryer in it - the area gives off heat and it feels kinda damp in there.
I put one of those container store closet racks on the inside of the door but am a bit concerned that the humidity will be a problem for any food (i.e. spices, powders, canned goods). think its safe or should i figure out a different way to store the food?


Here are some things that *I* would want, but you can decide which are necessary for you.
pots/pans: small and large sauce pans, small and large frying pans, stock pot
knives: chef's knife, paring knife, medium "all-purpose" knife, bread knife, carving fork+knife
Plastic storage containers
Bakeware: cake pan, muffin pan, cheesecake pan, pyrex/lasagna dishes (11x14 and 8" square), cookie sheets, wire cooling racks
Mixing bowls: at least three sizes
Silverware (I suggest checking Macy's sales, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, etc

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Clothes and linens that had been stored in a front closet were also salvageable. Her son ..

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