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August 29, 2013 – 02:38

Electrolux Professional (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is engaged in catering solutions and laundry system design, marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, product training and after-sales service in one. Electrolux Group of Companies was established in 1994 in Shanghai. The company launched many well-known brands such as Electrolux kitchen, Zanussi, Molteni and Dito-Electrolux kitchen. It provides moderate-and high-level catering services, schools, hospitals, airports and airline catering service center, the surrounding area is tens of thousands of professional users with high-quality equipment.

Its diversified product range includes dishwasher, stove remains modular, convection and Combi-oven, blast coolers and refrigerators, as well as small and lightweight portable devices snack counter and bar.

Regional headquarters in Shanghai, and advanced testing a full kitchen, branches in Beijing and Shenzhen, with 31 repair / service station to provide after-sales support to customers around the country.

An beneficial food wine industry (BILLION FOOD & WINE)

An beneficial food wine industry (BILLION FOOD & WINE) is registered in Hong Kong An Beneficial Holdings (BILLION GROUP) the branch enterprises, specializing in food and wine business. The company is composed of many enterprises, the implementation of an independent economic accounting, import and export, mining supply and unified management of business entities. In addition to the existing traditional business, in recent years, efforts to develop a direct marketing in wine, brand patent assignment, while developing "franchise", the establishment directly operated stores and franchise businesses voluntarily. The company has many French wine patented brand of products, in addition to the local dealer, but the whole batch to sell to major mainland cities.

Restaurant 17

Young people, the place to go. Here you can learn restaurant operations, while allowing customers to enjoy the food and increasing knowledge of the diet. This restaurant earned fifteen percent (15%) profit devoted to Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups mutual, as the Council has developed to support the reserves for the majority of youth employment funds.

Best Hungarian Wines

Peter's Wine Ltd. Mainly engaged in wine sales and wholesale, Hungary borrowed by its owner in 2009, founded in Hong Kong. Company leaders and Chinese business partners for many years and has extensive experience in business dealings. Now able to offer more than 50 kinds of wine: including wine, rose (pink) white wine wine (example: red currant, black currant, raspberry) Champagne and ice from the middle to the highest quality. These were produced wines from different historical backgrounds rich area. Also some valuable and rare, such as: the town of Tokaj Aszú wine and Siegel (Bull's Blood).

This company is the use of all the wine storage and transport air-conditioning equipment to ensure the best without losing its flavor. The increasing interest in the present Hungarian locals, the company hope of expanding the current production lines and introduction and promotion of more different varieties of wine to the inland market town and Hungary.

Source: culinary.com.hk

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I am not into cutesy stuff either (I am perhaps the least knick-knacky Victorian aficionado you will ever find), but I do live in SF where space is at a premium so I am always looking for creative storage solutions.
My sister puts her flashlights at the cabin in tin canisters so that she can keep the batteries and flashlights all in one place that is easy for hubby and son to find.
My ex-boyfriend drove me nuts because he set down his car keys and wallet on my glass tabletop (a table which I hated and eventually got rid of anyway, but it still drove me nuts because it got slightly scratched from the keys once in a while)

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Analogic Corporation that designs and manufactures advanced medical imaging and security systems and subsystems sold to original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, and end users primarily in the healthcare and airport security markets.

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The Drawer Depot

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