How to organize your kitchen drawers

August 29, 2013 – 02:37

How to organize your kitchen drawers

The kitchen drawers have much potential for mess! If they are not organized straight, it is even easier to happen. Organizing is to find solutions not fix. We tidy when we thought the organization and left everything ready to pack on a daily basis. If you can not keep your drawers tidy, you may not have found the best solution for the organization. So, here are some tips for you to organize them:

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importante é conhecer o espaço que você tem. The important thing is to know the space you have. Count the number of drawers. Here at home, we have four. Thus, it is easier to plan what will go in each. The first drawer must have, as a rule, the cutlery used in most day to day. It is intuitive to know that cutlery will be there, with easy access. If your top drawer no longer comes with built-in tabs, you can buy them. They are sold in stores 1.99, supermarkets, stores like Tok & Stok and even in magazines Avon! They are very popular and well baratinhos. Find one that fits best in your drawer and install it there. Forks, spoons, knives, spoons, tea and coffee, can openers and wooden spoons can be in this drawer.

The second drawer can take the cutlery and utensils used less, but are still occasionally used as juicer, pizza cutter and other type.

You can allocate a storage drawer dish cloths. Here I do this and I think quite practical, because the cloth change daily - sometimes more than once a day. If applicable, you can also leave a stock of sponges in the same drawer. In the bottom drawer, usually store aprons, wafers cups, plastic bags, labels and other accessories.

Some people like to have a "drawer" mess, but the truth is that drawer just concentrating broken stuff and other junk. Honestly, avoid. There is nothing worse than ill-utilized spaces, especially if the kitchen is small.

If you have a large kitchen, with those drawers, you may want to save pots. Shallow drawers can be used to store food.

And you, how to organize your kitchen drawers?


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I am not into cutesy stuff either (I am perhaps the least knick-knacky Victorian aficionado you will ever find), but I do live in SF where space is at a premium so I am always looking for creative storage solutions.
My sister puts her flashlights at the cabin in tin canisters so that she can keep the batteries and flashlights all in one place that is easy for hubby and son to find.
My ex-boyfriend drove me nuts because he set down his car keys and wallet on my glass tabletop (a table which I hated and eventually got rid of anyway, but it still drove me nuts because it got slightly scratched from the keys once in a while)

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