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August 29, 2013 – 02:38

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. In a world that grows without any overall rationality, you can see more and more the need to develop and strengthen systems for energy savings. . In particular, as regards the management of the electrical energy, the future prospects in the photovoltaic sector and accumulation systems.

. In residential buildings, the deployment of energy production allows users to manage and optimize energy consumption, benefit from it, both in terms of cost savings, both in terms of autonomy with respect to the distribution networks.

Sates Energy Solutions is part of this scenario by offering a line of products specifically designed for photovoltaic systems, in particular for energy storage systems.

The presence of a system of accumulation within the photovoltaic system is able to ensure a better continuity of operation, both in the phase of use of the energy produced in excess, is in the continuity of supply of the loads. quote di energia proveniente esclusivamente dagli esuberi, per utilizzarla nei periodi notturni o di condizioni climatiche sfavorevoli, garantendo quindi maggior autonomia dalla rete elettrica e un contenimento di costi. Storage systems allow you to store shares of energy derived exclusively by the redundancies, for use at night or during periods of adverse weather conditions, thus ensuring greater autonomy from the power supply and cost containment.

The technologies used by Sates are many, our technicians will be able to choose from time to time the technology best suited to your needs.

. Sates offers complete packages to assist in the sizing of your PV system.
Below, you will find a small diagram to locate your average consumption per day *. We recommend you to enter data for a typical day.

KW / h average If you are interested in more detailed information to check the size of your facility, please send us the fuel consumption information you just entered, and submitting the following items. You will be contacted by our technical department as soon as possible.

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What is the type of your installation?

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Power in KW:

Voltage V:

What's the life of the accumulation without the sun?

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Area to be allocated to the accumulators:

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I am not into cutesy stuff either (I am perhaps the least knick-knacky Victorian aficionado you will ever find), but I do live in SF where space is at a premium so I am always looking for creative storage solutions.
My sister puts her flashlights at the cabin in tin canisters so that she can keep the batteries and flashlights all in one place that is easy for hubby and son to find.
My ex-boyfriend drove me nuts because he set down his car keys and wallet on my glass tabletop (a table which I hated and eventually got rid of anyway, but it still drove me nuts because it got slightly scratched from the keys once in a while)

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Kitchen Art Scrap Trap
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  • Handy scrap bowl that fits under the counter, over the drawer or door
  • Saves countertop space
  • Scrap bowl holds 2 quarts of scraps
  • Includes brush/scraper that fits in the front pocket of the scrap trap for storage
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  • Granite top kitchen island
  • Made of asian hardwood
  • Functional elements include two storage drawers and a two-door storage cabinet with four adjustable shelves
  • Available in black and distressed oak finish
  • Measures 48-inch width by 25-inch depth by 36-inch height
Home Styles Home Styles 5216-95 Solid Wood Top Kitchen Cart, Natural Finish
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