Clever-storage | Antarei - renew your kitchen

August 29, 2013 – 02:38

Antarei, to achieve high standards of quality, has entered into a partnership with leading companies for the supply of special accessories for kitchens. The drawers, 55 cm deep and full extension, are equipped with hinges amortized provided by the industry leader, Blum. The cupboards are equipped with mechanisms produced by Kesseböhmer, top company in the production of "clever storage" (the "pantry smart") that offers excellent organization of space.

As for burners, sinks and ovens, Antarei offers the top quality products offering signed Barazza, a prestigious partner that integrates well with the design of new kitchens, especially the more "advanced". Nevertheless Antarei according to the needs of the customer, who may point to a greater savings, offers these articles and other appliances with a price range lower. Not only Antarei has also thought of LED lighting solutions for wall units, base units and work surfaces that on the one hand make it much easier to find objects and improve the light while working in the kitchen and on the other make it more dramatic and technology.

Beyond the quality (supported by the fact that every kitchen is well guaranteed 5 years) choosing a new kitchen Antarei the customer gets another benefit, equal to that of those who opt for the renewal: a significant savings since the logic "from the producer to consumer "is used to reduce the cost of business brokerage.


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Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions Suggestions?

I have a kitchen pantry type
of storage for the cans, pasta.
About 5ft tall by two feet.
The shelving broke off. Any suggestions
for easy quick solutions for
shelving. Stores?
I thought of those particle
board shoe racks that you assemble,
but the sizing won't work.
I'm not a handyperson with tools so
cutting and installing new shelves
is not a option at this point.

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