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Gnam Box and the food side of the Salone del Mobile: [home] project

August 29, 2013 – 02:39



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  • An experimental project by Francesca Ballini Richards and Giorgio Colombo, where they break the rules of traditional communication and invites you to live and use the design and its products in person, around a table, in a house, along with the people, consuming a lunch.

    During the recently concluded Milan Design Week, [home] project, in its third year, was released from the walls of the house FBR to become a wandering, housed in amazing location they have done and make the history of design and architecture .

    This year's theme was "In absentia", born from the need to first of all find a place to host the lunch, which became the main theme of any issue. Inspiration for the menu, for the stories, for the pictures, but especially for the game that every day we did fetch the absence of something: the spring for the first day, the moon for the second, then the absence of legs one of the tables by Leftover, Fridays nothing "Chiavatappi" for the weekend - unfortunately - our absence.

    Staff [at home] project has opened the doors to us that, with great pleasure, we decided to follow the daily lunches itinerant telling the preparation until the arrival of the guests.

    Getting a little 'intimidated, the bells of these important houses and be welcomed as dear friends. Meet a team of professionals all busy preparing the best possible time for their guests.

    Titta in the kitchen, a cook who has studied a delicious menu starting with fragrant herbs and rare wild flavors that today we do not know more, but that "in absentia", emptying the pantry from all the superfluous, we can discover, know and love.

    Simple recipes but masterfully treated in the ingredients, tastes, and their combinations.

    Beatrice Rossetti in the dining room with fabrics, dishes, glasses, objects often united harmoniously with the objects of homeowners, such as jugs of water, the mats of Fornasetti, cutlery Casa Gardella. Tables amazing, absolutely beautiful and always respectful of the house that was home.

    Roberto Boccaccino behind the camera ready to capture all the moments to be able to make the story better, though his ambition was to become the official taster of the recipes Titta.

    Then Francesca, George and Gemma who made us really feel at home, careful, precise and caring that we were fine. Open to discussion how few people know how to be, so we chatted with them about their points of view, our passions, our histories and future plans.

    Two objects have always accompanied by: a table lamp by Davide Groppi that, with the delicacy which usually have only candles, lit up the boards every day, and "Chiavatappi" un'apribottiglie extraordinary, for now in only two prototypes craft , designed by Gentucca Bini and Antonio Piccirilli. Obviously has uncorked all bottles.

    A table set, the smell coming from the kitchen, to give and to receive smiles, stories to tell and hear, these are our secret ingredients, these are the secret ingredients of home project. And the recipe works!

    Thursday we could not resist and we sat at the table with the guests. As friends, add two seats at the table is never a problem.

    If you want to find out all the details of the lunch, the menu, the guests and the stories of the guests follow at home project day by day .

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